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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 2 months ago

Top 5 dealbreaker synastry aspects? ?

Is Saturn square Mercury in synastry a dealbreaker as well?

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago
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    Some consider it so. I do not.

    With Saturn square Mercury, the Saturn person is critical of the Mercury person’s opinions and communication style. This makes communication more difficult in the relationship.

    But the truths about relationships do not agree with what we think is important.

    Love/chemistry is only 11% of what makes a relationship work, and communication is only 18%. And having things in common is only worth 2%.

    What DOES matter? How emotionally whole I am, how well I work with MY emotional reactions, and how well I can accept the fact that you are human and therefore flawed and there will be times when you trigger MY responses of hurt/anger. It takes about 20 years of marriage to learn how to work with our own emotions well enough that we can decide to accept our partner’s flaws, rather than getting upset and trying to make THEM change.

    And communication? A large number of issues/problems never DO get resolved, even with the best of communication. What matters is that I have few needs from you, except the need to nurture you .. and that you have the same orientation towards me. And that both of us are whole and complete and happy inside, and we can relax when the other is a jerk, rather than insisting the other person changes.

    So Saturn square Mercury is a challenge. But ALL synastry comparisons – just as with all real-life relationships – have challenges and issues and many of those issues never go away.

    Cafeastrology has a list of rankings for various synastry aspects. I agree with most of them, but in the world of astrology, it is not uncommon for minor disagreements to happen. 

    This is the website:

    You will notice that they list these 4 synastry aspects as the worst ones (a score of minus 4):

    Moon square Saturn -4 Red Alert

    Mercury square Mercury -4 Red Alert

    Venus square Saturn -4 Red Alert

    Mars square or opposition Saturn -4 Red Alert

    Myself, given the relative unimportance of communication, do not see Mercury square Mercury as a problem IF both individuals are emotionally whole.

    Now, FAR more important .. since ALL relationships will have some hard aspects and have some issues that never go away … AND since it takes about 20 years to mature enough TO make the relationship work smoothly …..

    THE most important synastry aspects to look for are strong and lasting attraction. Without this in the synastry, the couple either loses interest within a year or two or they never even start a short-term relationship. Even WITH aspects for strong lasting attraction, if either/both are TOO emotionally screwed up, they can end up breaking up (but it may take 5 to 15 years of unhappiness before one/both gives up).

    And these strong lasting attractions are shown when one person has their Ascendant or Descendant within 8 degees of (a conjunct aspect) the other person’s Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. Just one instance is enough. And yes, there are relationships that last a lifetime that do NOT have this … but this rule GENERALLY applies to whether or not the relationship will last.

    No matter how good the other aspects might be, without this Ascendant connection, the relationship is not LIKELY to last.

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