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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsHeart Diseases · 2 months ago

why do doctors always question me about my high heart rate??? and blood pressure yet they don't tell me to do anything about it?

I'm 30 and I've been struggling with an autoimmune disease for 2 years. I've seen 2 different specialists for this condition. One i started seeing 2 years ago on a regular basis and the other specialist i started seeing 2 months ago. Usually I always have high blood pressure and a high heart rate sometimes at home and more common at doctor's appt's when they check it. I also have chronic pain and my pain flares up my bp and heart rate... I love my 2 specialists, but sometimes I get frustrated when they ask about my blood pressure because its nothing "new" for me yet they always seem to ask about it and wonder if im anxious or if there is another reason for my high heart rate and bp. Like today I saw my specialist, and he asked if i was nervous.. my bp was 137/108 and my heart rate was 118. At the last appt my bp was around 152/89 and heart rate was 138. For me this is nothing new and im not on medication, I don't feel "bad" and it all started once my health started deteriorating yet my doctors seem to question me and ask about it yet they don't tell me that i should be concerned or even to monitor it, so why do they keep asking? 


guillain barres 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    What kind autoimmune disease? Hyperthyroidism?  Graves? Hypothyroidism? Lupus?...etc etc.  You need to be more specific.

    Update:  GB is associated with hypertension that’s the reason why they keep asking.

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