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shawn asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 2 months ago

Good free cPanel alternatives?

   Hello Fellow Techs.

I am looking for a good or somewhat decent ( FREE ) cPanel alternative to install on a VPS. The VPS is only to host a few personal websites not trying to start a hosting business with it or anything LOL

As the VPS is kind of small a very lightweight panel would be nice also a panel that is easy to migrate shared cPanel accounts over to the new server would be a really big plus..

I know with any free option I cant be to picky and just have to take what I can get. I have used Centos Web Panel in the past but I'm not a fan of that panel IMO it seems like it is very unstable and is always crashing after every other update..

So I am looking for suggestions. My ears are wide open.

Thanks In Advance.


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    I've usually turned to Webmin because it offers a lot of fine-grained control over your server. You'll want to use Virtualmin on top of that for your hosting.

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