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drive off vs dream off help Petrol station!?

Hi there 

I need a little advice and help on a situation.

I currently work in a petrol station and I have had a situation where a drive off has happened. 

My manager is stating that because I was on the till at the time I have to pay for the fuel that the customer did not pay for, is this legal?  As it’s not in the company drive off/dream off policy? I’m super confused and I am trying to fight this with my manager as I don’t want to pay money out of my hard earned wages for a mistake a customer made! Any help appreciated. 

1 Answer

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    UK: Unless you have signed a contract that states your employer can make deductions from your wages then the employer can't deduct Your employer should have number plate recognition CCTV, a policy of reporting the theft .... speak to ACAS ( doesn't cost you)

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