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Julie asked in PetsCats · 2 months ago

It's been a week vet cat loves his brother and wants to play...home cat growl s and spits at him...what do I do?

1 Answer

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    2 months ago

    In your brief explanation, it would be assumed you mean:

    You have two cats who are brothers. One cat went to the vet. When he returned, the cat who remained at home is growling and hissing at him? It is unclear whether it has been one week since vetted cat returned, and brother is upset with him? Or, was the vetted cat  AT THE VET FOR ONE WEEK - and has just returned home? Please clarify these details.

    Most often, it is suggested you rub a towel between the cats in order to disperse familiar scents between them. The cat who went to the vet smells like the vet, and likely a bit like other animals who were at the vet. Perhaps you are also placing some sort of medication on the vetted cat, and that may also be upsetting the cat who did not go to the vet. Of course, if one cat is wearing a cone to keep him from getting to stitches or injuries, this may also upset the other cat. 

    If you used a towel, box or other item while at the vet, clean these as well so this scent is no longer inside your house.

    Consult with the vet if this continues especially beyond one week of the cat having been back home; or ask for a different medications which may affect these cats with less upset. If needed, separate the cats until things have settled down. There must have been very strong scents from the vet office, you are using something still carrying the scent, or medications with a strong smell.

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