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How to tell someone nicely you are quiet and determined ?

I am quiet I didn't have that life I have to escape my family . How to be more assertive . It's really painful the trolling or thinking it's happy life etc .. 


I don't want people think all this nosenze.

I have to escape Iim sorry but I gave everything okay I just want to escape but without people trolling me etc 

Like it's severky painful it's not trolling on my part 

What to say nicely ? Thanks 

Update 2:

Take care 

Update 3:

I never experience life like others what is everyone trolling about 

Update 4:

Just asking nciely thanks 

Update 5:

Nothing enjoy okay this is why need get tattoo too like really emotional thing . I just asking nicely thanks tc

1 Answer

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    2 months ago

    This tells an employer nothing about your abilities. Are you a salesperson? Sales support? Senior programmer? Janitor? Accountant? Cashier? Data entry clerk? 

    What job experience do you have? Going on and on about how awful your life is won't get you a job, Hon.He /she is not in business to help you escape anything. 

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