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Should I cut ties with my ex-colleagues?

I left on good terms. I was with them for 5 years. My notice period was 1.5 months but I stayed for an extra month to ensure everything was handed over. Just 2 weeks after officially leaving the company, my ex-colleagues have been calling and texting my personal phone asking for help with really minor things. e.g. Ex-colleague no.1) who has been at the company for 4 years asked me if she needed to do anything for a particular order (not my order by the way). I told her yes, she needed to follow it up with an invoice. Ex-colleague no. 2) who has been at the company for over 3 years rang me asking for the password so she can log in. I told her that they were handed over to the manager before I left, and anything regarding passwords or usernames have all been erased from my laptop and I do not remember them off by heart (normal practice plus if anything, they can just ask the IT team to reset it. And it worries me that she's asking for it 2 weeks later). Ex-colleague no. 3) Thankfully she doesn't ask silly questions, but she pesters me to meet up after the lockdown and says I'm her best friend and how much she misses me. (I've never thought of her as a best friend. We've never hung out outside of work. She's 2-faced and I can't be friends with someone who would speak poorly of me behind my back then act all nice to me when I'm around.) I'm hesitant to reply to any more texts. It's getting annoying. Should I just block them all without saying anything? Or what can I say (nicely)?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Honestly?   If I was at a job for five years and had only been gone for two weeks, I'd expect a few little questions here or there and probably wouldn't mind.

    What I wouldn't expect is those questions to come from random people instead of  being routed through and vetted by their boss. 

    I think it's perfectly appropriate to email your former boss and let him/her know that multiple employees are contacting you for help even though you no longer work there.   Ask your boss to please remind them that  they should be going to their own supervisor for help.


  • Once you move on from a job, unless you're really good friends with an ex co worker, you should cut ties with them. Don't respond to emails or texts, unless you want to keep in touch with them. 

    Back talking... It will happen where ever you go...depends on how you stand up for your self when you catch it happening. If I catch them in the act I say 'excuse me' I really don't appreciate that. they know I work twice as hard as most people in my work place. I do the things no one wants to do. 

    You don't work there any more. Don't help them if you don't want to. Refer them to a manager, or some one that can help them. 

    Just say I'm sorry I can't help you any more, I no longer work there. But ___ can help you. 

    Once I leave a job, usually I cut my ties with it (specially if it was a bad experience for me), unless some one really wants to be my friend, or a reference.

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