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I’m almost in my mid 20s and I’m still acting like a kid, what do I do? ?

I’ve been told I’m very wise and ahead of my age... and I’ve been told I’m an old soul dozens of times . But when it comes to my interests, ambitions, and day to day life... I feel like a kid. I went to college for a semester just so I could play golf then dropped out...people my age are already starting their careers. Everyday they have a plan or a list of things they need to do.... each day I wake up and decide what I’m going to do in that moment. I don’t have a career or really a job, I have money, I just go with the flow and do fun stuff everyday... like sports and go outdoors, I’m always coming up with ideas but don’t make an effort to finish what I start.... and i have wild dreams and goals that I fantasize about.... but never take any steps towards them. I truly just feel like a kid, and think that some day soon down the road I’m going to do something different and start taking those steps, “but not today” ...meanwhile life is flying by. Some days, I don’t mind it. But other days I wonder what it’s going to be like when I’m a 35 -40 year old lady who is still running around and acting like a free spirit. I mean, would that make me a loser? Haha

That can’t be too attractive. I honestly don’t even know how to pay taxes. Or most adult things. 

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  • Kyle
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    2 months ago
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    you could join the military.  they have hundreds of jobs that aren't all combat or infantry related.  plenty can find similar jobs after your service is over.  lifestyle isn't for everyone though.  it is very strict and rules need to be followed.  there are still some classes you take for your job, but a lot of it is hands on classes too.  

    joining the military would teach you discipline, self respect, teamwork, boost your confidence, get you in shape, and other characteristics that will bode in life later on.

    most jobs only require a four year contract too.  so this isn't forever.  of course you can re enlist if you find it does suit you for a potential career.  

    do some research.  see all the jobs they list on the branches websites.  a recruiter will have more info on the job selection process, but you essentially need to score well on the ASVAB (high school knowledge), and the job needs to be open and in demand.  and just seeing a recruiter the first time doesn't lock you in automatically, but you should only go if you have real, genuine interest in joining so you're not wasting the recruiter's time.  

  • 2 months ago

    Continue on your path.  When your peers begin to pass you up, you will realize your error in judgement.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is a difference between being a free spirit and being unable to function independently as an adult because you lack self-control and haven't bothered to learn how to take care of your own basic adult needs.

    As far as what you should do?   That's up to you.   Your life is what you make of it.

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