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is there a conspiracy to make your eyes hurt using your LCD screen/monitor?

are the powers that be using technology to make your eyes hurt using an LCD monitor?  so it means you will use your computer less and less, so you can't escape the mainstream media?

the reason i ask is because for a year now, ive had the complaint of my eyes hurting and aching whilst using my LCD monitor at my windows desktop computer.....i don't know what is the cause, i have been to the eye hospital mid last year, and they discharged me....then i went to the opticians to have my eyes tested 2 weeks ago and the optician said my eyes were healthy...and prescribed me some new anti reflective reading glasses........ive not worn them yet.....but my eyes were still aching and hurting whilst using the LCD i'm baffled what it could be causing it?

maybe i need to give these new glasses a chance?.....but a while back i asked a question about my eyes aching and hurting using my lcd monitor and someone answered and said '' so 5G is affecting your eyes through your LCD monitor too''

and it put the idea in my head are the powers that be using some sort of technology to make your eyes hurt using a LCD monitor?.....i'm now aged 43 and my eyes used to never hurt using my computer monitor.....just to say i have lived as a shut in for a decade and been on the computer all the could the 'constantly being in front of the screen'  be the cause of making my eyes hurt?

what does anyone think?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Millions of people use computers full-time every day for work, using just the same types of screen/monitor as anyone can at home.

    A good quality high resolution screen, at the proper distance so everything is pin-sharp, should not cause any problem. A low resolution or "fuzzy" screen wil cause problems.

    I'm a professional programmer and sometimes I'm at my computer all day for weeks on end, with no problems from that.

    I use a 27" 1920x1080 monitor on a stand so the top edge is at around eye level when I sit up straight, and about 50cm away.

    Having the correct positioning of everything is vital for both your eyes and back.

    The only time i get eyestrain now is if I swap to my fixed-focus glasses rather than my normal varifocals, then forget I'm wearing them when I start reading a book or move away from the computer..

    If you wear varifocals or bifocals, get some fixed focus "intermediates" as well - they allow you to see the whole screen without having to continuously move your head to get the proper focus spot in the variable lenses.

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