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I type wierd?

So when I type it is quite common for me to switch letters, for example: kebaord. However that is not all. Nearly everytime there is a double letter I will repeat the letter before or after it. ie: leeter. Sometimes my words come out all scrambled, srcmalbed. I immediately notice that I've done this right after I finish the word. I usually will finish typing the word wrong and then think, wait what did I just type, before I ever even look up at the screen as if a part of my brain intentionally typed it wrong but didn't let the rest of my brain know the plan until afterwards. Does anyone else do this, is this part of a dyslexia or adhd or autistic trait or something?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Almost certainly you're typing too fast. One way to overcome this is to type in a rhythm, one key at a time and not in clusters as we do when we know a particular combination is easy to type fast. Try deliberately counting "one - two - three - four" etc then typing at that speed and rhythm, one key at a time.

  • 2 months ago

    Hey! I do this all the time! I thought it was just me. I don't think it is anything alarming as what you are saying, I think we just type so fast, or at least I do anyways, that my brain can't keep up with my fingers.

  • 2 months ago

    i do this all the time n i’ve been tested for adhd n autism. not sure about dyslexia though, but it could boil down to just accidentally tapping your screen twice

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