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blank asked in Food & DrinkBeer, Wine & Spirits · 2 months ago

What are some of your favorite premade (Ready to drink) alcohol drinks?

Such as wine,vodka,whiskey,beer,hard seltzer,hard soda,pre made cocktails  etc.Please include brand name.

So What are some of your favorite premade (Ready to drink) alcohol drinks?

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    2 months ago
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    In wines right now I am rather partial to the Clos Du Bois lightly bubbled Chardonnay.  It is sweeter than their regular chardonnay and I like the bubbles.  And it doesn't give me a headache after two glasses like champagne does.

    As for premade cocktails, you probably couldn't get me to even try one.  I like spirits well enough but I'll make my own cocktails at home with all very fresh and top quality ingredients, thank you.

    There is one "pre-made" cocktail that I make myself that I do love, and that is infused vodka.  A friend of a friend who spent time working in Russia brought back his passion for making infused vodka.  Think flavored vodka, but with no sugar added.  The flavored vodkas that can be purchased are far too sweet for me.

    I specifically use Tito's vodka, although if you gave me a case of decent vodka I'd use that.  No cheap vodkas to drink thank you, although I will use cheap vodkas for cleaning and disinfecting things.

    To infuse a spirit you simply take whatever you want to infuse and put it into a jar, then pour vodka over it and let it sit.  Our group, including the friend who had visited Russia, got together at my place every weekend for an entire summer.  Three or four of us would experiment with different things to infuse and one of our group was an amazing mixologist (bartender) so sometime the infusions would get made into cocktails.  These were foodies and restaraunt people, so we were cooking and bbqing and drinking - one of the best summers of my life.

    One of my favorite infusions was fresh strawberries.  Fill your jar 2/3 of the way with the best, freshest fruit, cleaned, air dried and hulled, and let it set for a few days.  If you taste it every day you'll know when it's ready.  I found mine to be ready about day 5 or 6.  Then you pour the vodka off the strawberries (filter it if you like) and it keeps indefinately.  Depending on what you are infusing the flavor can definately start to degrade over time so you learn as you go when to remove the infusing materials.

    I would do small infusions, like small amounts, to try different things depending on what I had access to.  I did whole spices (lovely as the weather turned cooler and we used it in hot cider), various fruits (blackberries and raspberries tended to be slightly bitter - I think it may have been from the seeds) coffee beans was surprisingly good and a great little pick me up with a rich dessert.  Once I got hold of a fairly large quantity of fresh orange blossoms from a friends tree, that one was heavenly. One of our group did a (cooked) bacon infused vodka, which sounds weird but was ... good ... and made excellent bloody marys.  Those infusing adventures were more than 10 years ago, last summer during the lockdown I started infusing again.  Because I live in the strawberry capital of the world and a friend had just bought a property with several heirloom fruit trees I focused on fresh fruits.  She has a plum tree that I can't identify the exaact variety but they are very sweet and have a strong floral flavor.  Those plums made what I think was the best infusion I ever had.  We had been making jam with the fruit and went to taste the vodka on the 5th day, which happened to by July 4.  We ended up drinking all of both big jars right then, "just one more little sip" over ice - it was irresistible.  

    I also had a huge cover crop of chamomile on my big garden and made several chamomile infusions - I'll do this again this year, already coaxing my chamomile along - but will save it for ... medicinal purposes ... when I'm having trouble sleeping.  It's very tasty over ice and has some interesting properties in cocktails, but is a pretty strong sedative.

    You can also infuse other spirits and one of my favorites is white tequila and beets.  The tequila gets dark purple and almost syrupy from the sugar in the beets.  I found this combination in an article on line and it had a cocktail recipe to use the beet infused tequila in, but when my mixoligist friend and I sat down with the first batch to taste it and had planned to make cocktails with it the infustion was so fantastic as is we just consumed it all straight, on the rocks.

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