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Were whites and Japanese possessed by demons during the world wars ? it was so horrible ?

Although this has nothing to do with me but it often gives me the shiver when thinking about it. They killed and tortured too many people, I know in the past people were conquering and killing each others but this was done recently not longer than 100 - 200 years ago and people should have been more civilized in the 1800s or 1900s. it was not a Mongol era. Why did whites and Japanese do such horrible thing ? this will always be remembered and regretted. Esp. Japan with the Nanking massacre, done really recently and to innocent civilians...

Other people like Mongols did it in ancient time not recently.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It was almost similar to the US-Chinese conflict right now in the South China Sea.  The Australians were the first to pee off the Japs

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    yes mongols were different times so what the germans did was horrible and Japanese too

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The top 37 countries with the most terrorism are in black and brown countries. 

    China causes the most pollution in the world. 

    The United Arab Emirates causes the most pollution per capita. 

    It has been estimated that approximately 11% of the world's population was killed either during or immediately after the Turco-Mongol invasions. If the calculations are accurate, the events would be the deadliest acts of mass killings in human history. 

    Mao Zedong killed 50 million people. 

    Stalin (an ethnic Georgian) killed 40 million. 

    A jewish male invented the nuke. 

    Chinese people invented the first gun. 

    The black plague originated from east Asia and caused 200 million deaths (due to Mongol invasions of Asia and Europe. 

    Conquests of Timur 20 million deaths. 

    Three Kingdoms War 40 million deaths 

    Ming-Qing transition 25 million deaths 

    Second Sino-Japanese War 25 million deaths 

    An Lushan Rebellion 13 million deaths 

    Taiping Rebellion 70 million deaths 

    Dungan Revolt 20 million 

    Chinese Civil War 11 million 

    Reconquista 10 million 

    Spanish conquest of Incas 8 million 

    Mughal Maratha Wars 5 million 

    Moorish wars 5 million 

    Bangladeshi genocide 3 million 

    Armenian genocide 3 million 

    Nigerian Civil War 3 million 

    Cambodian genocide 3 million 

    Second Sudanese Civil War 2 million 

    Spanish conquest of Aztecs 2 million 

    Spanish conquest of Yucatán 1 million 

    Japanese invasion of Korea 1 million 

    Rwandan genocide 800K

    Assyrian genocide 750K

    Darfur genocide (the first genocide of the 21st century) 80k- 500k deaths 

    Brown muslim males invented race based slavery. 

    jews invented christianity 

    Muhammad (first jihadist) invented Islam 

    brown middle eastern Muslim males committed the 9/11 terrorist attack. 

    black people are only 12% of the U.S. population yet commit 44% of the homicides.

    Omar Mateen was a brown middle eastern muslim terrorist.

    The San Bernardino shooters were brown muslim terrorists. 

    The Paris attack was committed by brown muslim terrorists. 

    Brown muslims started ISIS 

    Brown middle eastern muslims started Al Qaeda.

    Brown middle eastern muslims started the Taliban.

    black African males started Boko Haram.

    Three black racist terrorists started BLM.

    Elliot Rodger (king of the Incels) was biracial. 

    Incel terrorist Alek Minassian is middle eastern.

    Dylan klebold was ethnically jewish 

    The MAGA bomber is native american

    White Englishman Oswald Hope Robertson invented the blood bank which has saved literally over a billion human lives. 

    Penicillin was discovered by white Scottish man Alexander Fleming which has saved 200 million human lives. 

    Russians put the first human, animal and satellite in space. 

    The industrial revolution started in northern England.

    Early human ancestors started out with light skin according to biologists. Even most mammals have light skin. Dark skin evolved after humans lost their body fur because naked skin was vulnerable to UV radiation as explained in the out of Africa hypothesis. Dark skin people literally came from light skin people. 

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