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Can someone help me find a firework fail video ?

Me and my friend have been scouring the internet for 6 years trying to find this video since 2015.the video might have been from before 2015 but we saw it last in 2015.  i never saw the video just descriptions of it but here is what i have been told. that it starts out with the camera pointing down at the ground and then they start to light the firework, and the camera pans up as the fire work goes up. it is mid day in the video and light outside. but it did not explode when it got in the air, instead it came back down and hit this bald guy ( who could have been a grandpa) in the head. then the camera just stops recording. there is also a snapchat text over it that read “rip grandpa” or “ RIP grandpa” or something of that variation. i cried laughing hearing just the description. someone pls help, i cant rest at night knowing this video is out there somewhere..... btw it is NOT the “back it up terri” firework video. also my friend put out a search question for the video too so there’s different variations of the question. 

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