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Looking for an meme I saw in 2015?

So I saw this video around summer of 2015 possibly 2016 (trending more toward 2015) on instagram. This is when the yodeling accounts were very popular, I have no idea who would have posted it. The video was of a man shooting a fire work, a bottle rocket, up into the sky. It was mid day, possibly an early fourth of july celebration. The video pans up as the firework shoots up. Silence fills the air as nothing happens and the fire work hurls downward hitting the man in the head. The video instantly cuts off and the snapchat caption that ran across the video read “r.i.p. grandpa”. I’m quite certain this man didn’t actually sustain any injuries from it because it was just a bottle rocket. Please help me find it! My friend and I have been unable to rest because of the uncertainty it awoke in us when we were unable find it. It’s been almost six years since seeing it but I have an ounce of hope still that it could be out there. I’ve asked very detailed and specific questions on yahoo before so I am begging you guys to help us!!!

P.s. it is N O T the back it up terry video! 

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