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Why doesn't YouTube allow me to make playlists and comment on video clips tagged as "made for kids"? It's stupid and pointless :-(?

I am Polish, I would like to make playlists with songs with Polish and foreign, although mainly English-language, but not only songs for children from the 80s and 90s, I was born in 1986 in still communist Poland ;-)

My favorite cartoon from the 80s is a co-production of Polish-French, Teddy Bear Colargol (or Miś Corargol in Polish xD, according to the idea of Mr. Albert Barillé, a genius French TV producer specializing in the production of TV programs for children, teenagers, such as the Coragol teddy bear realized by Polish animators from the "SeMaFor"

 Studio in the stop motion technique, which we, Poles, were the best at in the past, is like some dick trying to give some stupid jokes about Poles in the answers :-)

Only the British could boast of similar successes as "Fireman Sam" and "Postman Pat" now only shitty computer animations in 3D are made, not the same as old cartoons, Disney or Hanna-Barber, or those made in the former block eastern, contrary to appearances, the commies here in Poland tried not to include official propaganda in the content for children :-)

As for the French Animator mentioned above, there is a soundtrack from his educational cartoon for children about the functioning of the human body entitled "Once Upon a Time... Life"

"Il était une fois... la vie"

that, it's part of bigger series called Once Upon a Time "Il était une fois..."

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  • 2 months ago

    They disabled comments and playlists!!!

    Source(s): YouTube Kids
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