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Anonymous asked in SportsGolf · 2 months ago

Are golf instructors a prime example "Those who can't do, teach?"?

Go to any golf course and you can take lessons from a golf instructor.

They are also called "Golf Professionals" and are members of the PGA.

Many are decent amateur golfers, some have played in lower tier pro tours, but don't let their membership fool you, very, very very few if any have actually stepped onto the tee box in a single PGA tour.

Just look at their credentials. There is a local practice facility where I live. And at first glance their credentials look impressive. Jill Briles-Hinton is one, touring pro, 1987-1998, career earnings from tour half a million, former Women's Golf Coach at University of Florida and University of Richmond.

But then you think, how did a local driving range with a par 3 golf course get HER on staff as an instructor?

Because her credentials are actually a dime a dozen. Those career earnings over 11 years is a pittance when you deduct personal expenses.

She never went on to bigger things on the PGA, falling short, and apparently didn't cut it as a college coach because why voluntarily  give up a much higher paying job to give lessons to duffers at a practice facility and make 40K a year, tops?

And she is widely regarded as one of the BEST instructors in my area.

Giving lessons at golf courses is where "PGA Professionals" who cant make the cut hit rock bottom. It's where they go for their career to die.

So remember, before you sign up for a golf lesson, you aren't learning from the best. They themselves couldn't do, so they teach.


In other words, someone like her, one of the "best" instructors in my area, well she might be a better golfer than me, but that is why golf is my leisure and not my career. A golf instructor at a golf course is at the bottom of their profession whereas I am at the top of mine.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    ROTFL.....So when I take sailing lessons I should insist that the instructor have won the America's Cup? I shouldn't bother with skiing lessons unless the instructor has Olympic medals? If I want to learn flying, I should just teach myself unless a Top Gun pilot is available? I wouldn't learn anything about curling from a guy who only spent a few seasons on the GSOC circuit? 

    Source(s): I do take sailing lessons even though I have been sailing all my life. My coach can see things from the coach boat that I obviously cannot see from the cockpit. He does not need to be greatest sailor in the world to do this.
  • 2 months ago

    Quite an asinine argument against the "old saying".  I suppose baseball coaches, basketball coaches, volleyball coaches, fencing instructors, all of them are the bottom of the barrel too, right?  Piano instructors?  Kindergarten teachers?

    Golf is the only sport where you can be a professional at ANY age.  This means the professional circuit is open 100% to the public.  Any other sport, you reach a certain age and you don't have the strength or capability to do what's necessary to perform the action.  Baseball requires running, as do basketball.  Volleyball requires a 3 foot vertical leap, etc.  I would say all those other sports are 40%-50% open to the public.

    I suppose golf that it can be scrutinized the most that if you are good and not a professional, then you are the bottom of the professionals.   

  • 2 months ago

    So how do people learn to play golf if Tiger Woods isn't available to teach them?

  • garry
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    shame your such a lousy golfer , blame the instructor because your a bad player , guess you cant do as your told . you cant teach a naturaly bad golfer into a good golfer ..

  • You're completely wrong.

    To become a PGA Teaching professional, you have to do the following:

    1) Pass the Player Ability Test which is 36 holes in one day (only 20% of candidates pass).

    2) Take qualifying courses and pass a test.

    3) Complete three different levels of classwork within 8 years.

    4) Have a golf-related job and pay membership fees.

    Nothing about previous pro tour experience matters. Doesn't mean that she is or isn't a great teacher but to be an actual PGA Teaching Professional the criteria is very set.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    let me say you this : "Not all Excellent Professional golfers can teach".    Like for example, suppose you really like Dustin Johnson.   He can hit it 350 yards down the pipe and he makes birdies.   Yes he is a very good golfer.   But one question, Can he teach you to be an excellent golfer?    He might explain his swing to you and you will get confused.  He would say "To increase swing speed you have to lag your hands and bend your knees a little".     Then he shows you his move, then you get confused imitating his Unique golf swing....

    it is because teaching and playing professional golf tournaments are two different things.   Golf Coaches understand your swing flaw.    While not all Excellent golfers can see your problem and fix your swing.   There is a training for being a golf Instructor and there is a test for instructor to get the license to teach.   While there is also a test to enter the PGA Tour.   They need to play below Course PAR.  

    It is like comparing the best basketball NCAA coach and Lebron James.  Two different thing....

    Source(s): What do you think if Tiger Woods give a lesson? see:
  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Most of them are alcoholics.

  • Claire
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    They're still better than you are.

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