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Trump is the first President in history who didn’t have anything to hide in his tax returns but wanted to hide them anyways, true or false?

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    Republicans keep hollowing out the IRS so their enforcement and auditing branches are quite strained.  If trump had remained a regular blowhard, and not gotten int politics, he probably;y would have skated.  However, he did get into politics, which makes him a target.  There is strong evidence that he undervalued properties to decrease taxes, yet overvalued those same properties to secure loans.  This is fraud.  There's also evidence that he paid of the porn star with campaign funds, which is also illegal.  

    I guess we're going to find out. 

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    “If Trump had been breaking the law with his taxes all these years, he would have been nabbed at it long ago, folks. He would have been found and tracked down. I’m sure he’s audited constantly. If there was something untoward or illegal, it would have been found by the time he’s 70.” -Rush Limbaugh (RIP)

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    We don't know yet, do we? The court has been allowed to see his returns, but we haven't. I still think there is a lot in there that he wanted very much to hide, and we will all know soon what that is.

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    He had nothing to hide, but spent millions in legal fees to hide it anyway.

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    Many Presidents never released their tax returns.

    Nice try Lib, but do some research first.

    Besides which, if there is a problem with his taxes, let the IRS and state tax authorities handle it, just as they did before Trump ever became President.

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