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What's your view on organize your wardrobe by Color?

After I moved to a new apartment, I've got a proper closet because my wardrobe is pretty big as I'm a maximalist (not a hoarder, I love and wear almost everything and "rotate" it through the season).

But often debating about organizing because the typical category-style-color or by occasion has never worked for me, because there is no dress-codes (at college or the jobs Ive been to, it's the "wear whatever You're comfortable wearing as long it isn't pjs or gym clothes" where I come from and I like to mix up dressier pieces with more relaxed ones like dressing down a sequinned skirt with a sweater for a brunch, so having all fancier clothes separated has never make sense to me.

But I read on blogs, that organize by colors (I did separate each color section by category/length) is not so popular because they believe people don't woke up and have a "purple" day. Personally, I've always got dressed by color and hate to go through five-or so section to find a specific colored shirt.

My closet below, does it look that Unorganized?

Shoes and outerwear is in the hallway.

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    I organize by length and season, but that's just me. Doesn't help that 95% of my closet is already black, so no point in color. But if that's your thing and will keep your clothes ready for you, you do you.

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    Personal, but I organize by color. When I want a white top I don’t want to have to search.

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