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What do you think about Jordan Peterson?

I like him, he's a very intelligent and honest psychologist

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    He's a classic Liberal that the Left had to turn into a monster because he represents a real threat to their critical theory talking points. He's not "right wing" or reactionary at all, but he -had to- be conflated with the alt-right in order to be turned into a monster that could be "cancelled" because he is too dangerous to the woke mob. Especially as he has gained traction with a huge amount of younger people who had never in their lives been exposed to any ideas that were not controlled by the Leftists in academia.

    The response by the Left to Jordan Peterson is really a sad commentary on the Left itself. They are attacking common sense, and someone who never needed to be an enemy if the Left were just a little more tolerant of diversity of opinion. Instead, their hardened and inflexible dogmatic positions are immediately threatened with common sense, so they go on the attack instead. Since they are ill prepared to allow anything at all other than their own narrowly defined talking points, then everything else, including classic Liberalism must be seen as dangerous "right wing" or alt-right philosophy that needs to be censored.

    Interesting that this question is being asked, because I ran into this article last night:

    "Why the Left Is So Afraid of Jordan Peterson"

    Jordan Peterson is typically paraphrased in such ways that words he never said are attributed to him. This is the main attack against people like him who's common sense, middle of the road advice is a threat to the radical ideals of his opponents that they cannot defend. The clearest example of this is the Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman debate. After nearly ever answer given by Jordan, Cathy Newman rephrases and begins with; "So you're saying ....." ... and then proceeds to radicalize what he just said into something he never said. You can watch that video here:

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    I am pretty far right but I cannot respect him very much since he is patetic skinny.

    What is the point about eat only meat if you don´t even lift???

    Not only this, but you cannot say you are agaisnt progressism if you don´t have A LOT of muscle. You don´t need to be on roids but should definitelly lift.

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