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What do you think of this guy? Who is he acting weird?

There's a guy at work who's acting weird with me. He stares at me from afar and ignores me when I'm around. Once he smiled at me amd stared but he didn't even say hi. Sometimes his face turns red if we stare too much. Last time I was talking to my uncle in our language. He was waiting for someone I guess and stayed there with us, listening to what we said even though he didn't understand a word. He looked somehow too attentive to care about a useless eastern european language. When we ended the conv I turned to him and raised my eyebrows saying 'now what?' He just pretended he just awake from the state he was in and said 'nothing... I was just...waiting for the break'. Then I marked my work badge on the reader and he was there with his elbow on the wall, and looked at the screen. I got so mad because he stayed there all the time just to know my name. It just makes me so mad. He has no right acting like this. No one shows all this interest for an unknown co worker. He listened to my conv with my uncle even though he couldn't get a word. And he doesn't even say hi. What the hell does he want?

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    You know, you could resolve this entire situation by just talking to him and asking him what he wants. Your refusal to do so likely means you just enjoy having a little mystery in your otherwise tedious life. 

  • 2 weeks ago

    its hard...we want to talk to women, but we are shy, and afraid...he might want to ask you out, but also seems to be doing everything super creepy and i get that...Now!.  i understand why that is creepy now, but when i was in his age, i did not think anything of it...Can you beleive i actually thought that staring at a girl was the way to show her how i feel...i think i was/ am retarded,

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