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What happens to the buyer when they return an item damaged?

Hi, so I’ve been selling on Mercari for a while without issue. Recently I sold a pair of Lululemon pants to a buyer. They waited until the last day to rate to open a return as not as described. I messaged the buyer to ask for the reason for a return and they said there was a “whole” on the left pant leg. I knew this was impossible so I asked them where exactly the hole was and the size. Ghosted, they blocked me as well. On top of that they never provided images when they opened the return request. I contacted Mercari to show on record I was concerned the buyer was making a false claim and may return the item damaged. They assured me they have requested images from the buyer and that if my item is returned back damaged I can file a claim. 10 days go by and her return was approved. I was furious, I emailed Mercari multiple times and even called and left a voicemail. When I received the leggings back I looked all over the left leg and couldn’t find anything as well as the right leg. I thought to myself at least they didn’t damage the pants. I then touched the crotch to see very obvious pilling which wasn’t there so they have worn them quite a few times and 5 holes with the seams purposely ripped by them. I contacted Mercari and by some miracle they refunded back my earnings and determined they damaged the item. 

Finally my question is what happens to the buyers account? Do they have a strike on their account for future reference? Are the funds removed from their account?


There was no pilling because I used a razor to shave them off and made sure they were in pristine condition considering they have only been worn once or twice

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    No, Merceri gave you the money back because they wanted to be nice to you.

    Online stores like Merceri, Poshmark, Ebay are pro buyer not pro seller.

    Unless the pants were new when you sold them, I don't believe there was no pilling when you sold them but after she wore them there was.  Pilling can happen after 1 wear.

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