Im 19 and i don't know How to convince my mother to get a tattoo HELP! ?

I have some scars in my hand and i really wanna cover them with a tattoo but my family are kinda of strict specially my mom about  tattoos and piercings

Sooo any suggestions pls? 

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  • 2 weeks ago
    Favorite Answer's the thing and you're going to hate me for it, but hear me out: depending on how deep, discolored, and old the scars actually are, getting them tattooed over will do more harm than good. Tattooing over scars is a very delicate process and many tattoo artists will not do it. If they were to tattoo over scars that are deep, very pink and shiny, and fresh, the ink would not hold or do something called "blowing out," meaning the ink would spread all over the place and end up very spotty looking. Even some older scars cannot be covered because of how bad they are. I have a chicken pox scar on my left shoulder that was tattooed over, and it's just a huge blue splotch because it took all the ink it could and just settled there.

    Right now, you're best bet is to use oils and scar creams to kind of get them faded and less deep, then in a few years, see if you change your mind. You can also massage the scars to help disperse and break the tissue up. I'm not telling you NOT to, I'm simply saying it's a bad idea right now because tattooing over scars is a real pain in the butt for both the client and the artist. So try some creams and oils and massaging and after a year or two, see if you don't change your mind. If you still want to get them done, go to an artist that will have no issue tattooing over scars, but right now, the more you do to help them fade, the better the tattoo will look overall. 

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