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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsWeddings · 2 months ago

Met again my childhood best friend after years. Why do such episodes come to my mind?

So I met this girl I used to know as a child. Her parents welcomed me and my aunt in their home until we were done with papers. It never happened anyway but this is another story.

Anyway. She turned out to be a down to earth, beautiful young woman. Yet this is what I rememebered of our childhood. One day it was snowing and I took her to elementary school as I did every day. I was like a brother to her. I was 12 and went to middle school and she was 8. At some point she complained to me about teachers treating her differently from other kids cause she was a migrant. I told her to man up and bear it, cause that's what life was for us. She told me it wasn't fair and she started crying silently. She slipped in the snow and hurt herself falling on the concrete and went to school with a bleeding knee. Yet I helped her and told her to stol crying. I think I did a good thing at the time.

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    2 months ago

    You behaved very well for a 12 year old.    It is always good to meet with old friends.

    Are you planning to meet up again?

    Four years is not a huge gap

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