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Anonymous asked in SportsCycling · 2 months ago

What is the advantage of threadless headset and stem over traditional quill stems and threaded headsets?

2 Answers

  • David
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Threadless is lighter.

    With quill stems, you have double tubes, and the draw bolt for the wedge. Overall more material than for a threadless setup.

    Threadless can be stronger.

    The threads cut into the steerer tube acts as what’s called ”stress risers” and provide likely starting points for cracks:

    Attachment image
  • 2 months ago

    There's arguments for & against both systems.  Naturally, the quill stem is more adjustable for the novice to intermediate rider. ever seen one get all rusted up inside?  Try getting that quill stem out to service the rest of the assembly.  Lots of luck - you'll need it.  

    By leaving the steer tube high on a threadless headset, one can simply add or subtract spacers above or below the handlebar as needed.  IMHO, also stronger & less prone to that shaky feeling often found on threaded headsets.  

    Road Bike Review has lots of comments & opinions on this subject in a thread started Feb 13, 2008.

    Sheldon Brown covers servicing both types on this link... 

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