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How do I get music from my ipod touch to my windows 10 computer/iTunes? ?

I have a 3rd gen ipod touch (has iOS 6.1) and I don't have all of my music on iTunes that I do on my ipod. This is because my library used to be the same as my dad's until I deleted a bunch from there and added some other music I wanted. So now, there's about half of my library on iTunes that my ipod has. I've tried a couple of programs to try and copy the music, but neither worked as it either couldn't detect my ipod or my ipod has too old of an iOS. I tried backing up a copy of my ipod to my computer. Wouldn't work. Going into the files on my computer, it would only find the pictures on there. I'd like to get a new one soon and have my entire library on there. So, what can I do? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Apple doesn't want you to do that for some bizarre reason. I haven't tried it recently, but I used to use iFunbox to do this very thing on some older iPods and iPhones I used to have.

  • Tony
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    2 months ago

    I have used CopyTrans recently to get some of my music from an older iphone to my Windows 8.1 PC. Not sure if it works for ipods, but it says al devices and all versions, so worth a try maybe.

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