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How much  acting is involved in medical Reality TV shows.?

Part of the episode I watched was documenting a woman who has cancer. The cameras go into the exam rooms as she's discussing the cancer with the doxtors and her feelomgs amd reactions to what the doctors are saying. 

In one situation she finds out that the cancer is not as aggressive as they feared and she completely breaks down with absolute  relief. My queation is how much acting or script is in involved with something like that. Do the directors tell her how to act and respond  Or are most of the reactions genuine.

1 Answer

  • Mark
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    All reality programming is set up/scripted in some form.  On House Hunters they've already decided on the house.

    Production is expensive and it's a time crunch.  They need to tell a story.  They don't just randomly find people.  They've come forward or been approached.  They might keep some info from them to get a reaction, but you can bet the producers know what the "secret" is.  

    Remember with HIPPA laws, they've already got permission not only to film, but know their medical records.

    It's basically amateur improv.

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