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Why would food and water trigger a grand mal seizure in my old cat?

My 15 year old cat had 3 big seizures today. She started having them in July. It is end of February right now. She had one in July, then October, then November, then January, then a week ago. But today she had 3. This morning as she was eating her wet food. Then at night when she sniffed the food and her head started shaking but she starting eating it and then had a seizure again. A couple hours later I tried to syringe her water and as soon as I started putting it in her mouth, she had ANOTHER seizure.

 She was at the vet for a CBC and thyroid check a few days ago. Her thyroid was 6.1 (high) but they didn't want to increase the dose because her kidney disease worsed. Her Creatine is 3.1 and BUN 77. She has a bruised vein on her legs because she has no muscle mass or fat left on her body. They also said she had a high WBC count so they gave her amoxicillin twice a day. I crush it and put it in her food, along with her thyroid medicine. Maybe the antibiotics are causing it? We don't have the money for an expensive emergency vet visit right now. Any advice? We'll call the regular vet tomorrow. 

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    It's not the food or water. It just happened. High fever? Prepare. It's almost time. 15 years is a mighty long time for a cat.

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