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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

Considering even the democrats are going after Gov Cuomo for killing old people, why did libs here call me a Trumptard conspiracist? ?

I brought this up almost a year ago when a friend of mine in NYC informed me. She's a healthcare worker. She explained to me that covid patients were being dismissed in the hospitals to return home in nursing homes.. Now they are waking up after he tried to cover up the numbers. Cuomo and other govs that did this deserve PRISON! 


Summertime -- I did bring it up. Thus the question! 

Update 2:

Witch -- Then explain to us why Cuomo didn't use the hospital ship Trump sent him or any of the field hospitals set up either by charitable/federal funds. Please explain 

Update 3:

Wrong -- explain Witching Hour's answer... Seems to me she's a liberal and she's certainly defending him

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    2 months ago
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    These question where brought up, asked at the time. They were ignored or the ones asking were attacked. Cuomo panicked, he saved the build outs for the people he believed would contribute in the future, not in the past. He had plenty of options, the build outs were up and running before the ship that was not needed, got there. He also wanted more PPE and equipment then he needed, he believed it would be worse then it was, he was saving the space for important, younger people

  • Dan
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    2 months ago

    We need to move beyond party politics! These governors think they can get a free pass by playing the Democrats vs Republicans game. 

  • 2 months ago

    Despite being on opposing sides of the fence...I rather enjoy Witch's content from time to time..but am somewhat disappointed she keeps spamming the same answer with slight variations whenever Cuomo comes up.

    Both sides are going after well they should, from my understanding of the situation.

  • 2 months ago

    Democrats hold their people accountable and republicans make excuses. And nobody listens to you idiots anyway. All you do is lie. If you recall, when covid hit NYC a year ago, little was known about it. If Cuomo broke the law, he's going to pay the price and no "liberal" will be making excuses for him. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your 'friend' still doesn't exist

    All Cuomo did was request nursing homes to take elderly in the hospital back because hospitals were overflowing if little Donnie presi-donut didn't tell Cuomo to 'deal with it' because Cuomo didn't kiss his jacksey, then maybe it wouldn't have happened.

    NYC drowning in COVID cases, bodies piling up enough for a massive grave, bodies being held in refrigerated trucks on the road. All while Donald J. Trump was bailing out republican Nebraska with few cases and saying 'It is what it is' for blue states. I should know, I was in NYC when it all happened. Mind you NY still has the least amount of COVID numbers in the country while republican states have the highest.

    "What about the hospital spaces Trump provided Cuomo including the unused hospital ship in the harbor for example."

    What Trump provided such as the hospital ship was mainly unused because of all the bureaucratic BS Donald J. Trump put into place.

    "What about other democrats going after Cuomo?"

    You mean people like "Sheriff" David Alexander Clarke Jr. who scammed $25 million dollars from Trump supporters alongside independent contractor Tommy Fisher, Kris Kobach and Stephen Bannon to build an inadequate 3 mile wall too close to the river which engineers have said the wall should never have been built so close to the river, is already showing signs of runoff erosion and in danger of falling into the Rio Grande.


    Why does nobody remember Rebekah Jones, the doctor in Florida who was fired in May of 2020 by the Department of Health because she refused to undercount COVID-19 numbers for then president Donald J. Trump.  Shortly after then United States Attorney General Bill Barr ordered her home be searched and computer taken which Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed off on.

    While all this was taking place the former presi-donut was golfing after making a photo opportunity to toss some knockoff paper towels.

    - 'Less testing means less cases' - Donald J. Trump

    - 'We have pioneered the fatality rate' – Donald J. Trump

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    2 months ago

    Considering Trump or you or any of you could have cared less then is remarkable you even bring this one up. Its doesn't look good.

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