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Question about cats?

I have a tabby tortoiseshell cat and she will be a year old next month and she is very vocal which tortoiseshell cats can be but every time she mows it’s a whine every time and she gets loud but why is she so vocal? Is it to get attention? She just walks around and meows And we keep food in their bowls too. We have 7 other cats by the way 

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    Cats mostly learn to be vocal around humans.  They vocalize much much less in the wild.  Which makes sense if you think about it, in the wild they are small enough that they are a prey item, so announcing their location is generally a bad idea.

    Your cat has learned to do this for whatever reason.  You need to look at the context of each situation and try to figure out what she wants.  She might just be saying 'Hey, I'm here', or asking for attention or asking to be played with.  

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    There is nothing particularly vocal about tortiby (blended torti and tabby) colored cats.   Cats will naturally talk to another and they will also vocalize when going about their normal business.  They actually can have a pretty elaborate set of sounds including chirps and other sounds which are different than meows.   Cats/kittens sometimes relate to their owners as surrogate mothers and will call out to them accordingly.  If they get a response, you're just reinforcing that vocalizing is effective.  Cats will also vocalize more frequently and loudly when they are old.  Some will literally yowl.  

    Regarding the other answer:  "one unsettling thing we learned from a vet was that there are Only female Calicos (tortoiseshell) because the mummy cats KILL the males at birth"

    This is total baloney.   A male cat usually has only one X and one Y chromosome.  This means he can be orange or black but not both.  Sometimes (but very rarely) a male can have two X chromosomes plus the Y.   It is a genetic abnormality.   I assure you that there is no such thing as a bunch of male calico cats being born and eaten by their mothers due to their color.    Either you misunderstood or that vet is a complete moron.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Somebody has been talking to her.  Cats are generally silent, unless being talked to.

    My 60+ years  have learned if a cat wants attention  it will be physical. Getting in your face, climbing up your body, sitting in front of you (like on your keyboard) or on your lap.

    We have (usually three at a time) all manner of short hairs, selected and tramps.

    None "talked" unless we talked to it.

    BTW: one unsettling thing we learned from a vet was that there are Only female Calicos (tortoiseshell) because the mummy cats KILL the males at birth. There are no studies of note on the phenomenon.

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