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My elderly mother forgets to pay her credit card bills at times, so I do it on her behalf. Then she gets mad at me. What to do?

This lady was an accountant, so it is no surprise that she has a 823 FICO score. Now, because I have a disability, I never married and live with my parents. My own FICO is 806, so I am not a bad money manager myself. Since my parents are approaching the end of their lives (my mom is 81; my dad 86), I have all the passwords, key to safe deposit box etc. Now sometimes I notice that my mom hasn't paid her credit card bill, like today: it was due tomorrow, and she still hadn't scheduled a payment before she went to bed. Thus I did it for her, using my own account, but she sometimes gets upset when I do this for her. What to do to ensure her FICO remains superlative?

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  • 2 days ago

    Nothing, since it is not your responsibility.

  • zipper
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    2 days ago

    You need to set her down and exspain to her that if she does not pay the card on time they add a surcharge to her bill that will cost her lots more. Then tell her you love her and you want to protect her!  And GOOD LUCK with that: older people can be a pain in the *** at times! I know I am one of them!

  • 2 days ago

    Set up auto pay .

  • drip
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    3 days ago

    We are having trouble with my mom paying her bills.

    Right now we are trying to talk her into having all bills paid online. Directly withdrawn from Her account. Would like her all her income directly deposited too.  

    Not sure why you think their FICO score is so important now.  Are they going to be buying a new home? 

    If you are right there in the house with them, can you talk to your mom. Remind them to pay. Sit down and help them do it? 

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  • 3 days ago

    Well you ain't got to tell her you did it, just do it and keep quiet since she don't remember anyway

  • garry
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    4 days ago

    how about setting the bank details to pay the credit card , or is that to simple seeing you have a computer and all the banks offer you electronic banking ..think for a change .

  • Amy
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    4 days ago

    Has your mother been declared legally incompetent? Unless you have a court order to do so, you shouldn't be poking around in your parents' finances. She has every right to be furious at you. 


    You especially shouldn't have acted without talking to her - maybe she was disputing a charge on that bill or maybe she mailed a check. Or maybe she tried to pay it the morning it was due and your unexpected payment screwed up her accounting. 


    Your obsession with FICO scores is so stupid that I expect you're probably a troll. Credit scores only matter when applying for credit, which your mom might never need to do again. Even if she does, a score of 780 will get her approved for whatever credit she wants; there's no further benefit from having a score over 800. And finally, payments 1-30 days late don't hurt your FICO score.

  • 5 days ago

    Just tell he nicely you are doing her a favour.

  • 5 days ago

    Why feel guilty for taking care of your mother's finances?  You might want to try setting up automatic payments for her instead of doing this manually--most credit card companies have such services. That way she doesn't have to get mad about it and you won't have to intervene. 

  • P
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    5 days ago

    This was the right thing to do.  Regardless just log in and setup auto pay on due date.  She still will be able to do it manually if she wants, but it will automatically pay it if she doesn't.    It's insanity to have to double check her on bills like that.    I setup my elderly mother and father with auto pay and they were upset at first, but now they love it.   It really was a necessity as my father while very fiscally responsible would use like 8 different credit cards to maximize his rewards.  As he got older it created too many bills for him to miss.  

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