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chin asked in PetsRodents · 2 months ago

How do I create a bond with my chinchilla?

I got my chinchillas yesterday from someone who couldn’t take care of them anymore, one of them is 5, and the other is 1 and a half. When I was cleaning their cage they both jump out so me and my cousins panicked and tried to catch them, when we did and got them back in their cage they were both traumatized. The same thing happened today. Can someone help me? I honestly wish I didn’t do that. It was just panic that led to me doing that. I know I shouldn’t have chased them around to get them but I was in panic mode... If anyone knows what I should do to get them to trust me after all that happened I would be most grateful.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Try sitting next to their cage for a while each day, like for school or work so they can get used to you. Whenever you handle them or go near them, bring food or treats, so they associate you with a good thing. Idk, this just worked for me but with my hamster, I've never dealt with chinchillas but I hope it works.

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