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? asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPC · 2 months ago

What are video game recommended specs?

I am somewhat new to PC gaming and I had a question about recommended specs. Does "recommended" refer to Ultra at 60fps? Very high at 60fps? High at 60 fps? what are they referring to in that regards? Or is it all arbitrary upon the developer and what they decide? I know that minimum specs are: "The minimum hardware to run the game at all on the lowest settings", but "recommended" is not as clear to me. I appreciate the clarification.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Minimum is almost always 30fps at 720p or 900p with low settings, but some developers will state the minimum requirements for 1080p, low settings, 30fps.

    Recommended specs are usually 60fps at 1080p with Medium to High settings. Usually they have High settings in mind. Never Very High or Ultra Settings.

    Some developers have taken it upon themselves to list Recommended specs for 1440p and 2160p at High settings. You may see more of this because 1440p and 2160p monitors are cheaper than ever before and there are more people using them. Despite this, a significant majority of PC Gamers are still playing at 1920x1080.

  • 2 months ago

    There are generally 2 noted requirements on PC games: Minimum & Recommended...

    MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS are the ABSOLUTE LOWEST (in terms of system configurations) the developers have tested the game at the lowest game settings that run at an acceptable rate (generally 30 fps).  This is the also the baseline that all systems needs to be at in order to get ANY ASSISTANCE from the game developers for troubleshooting (as they'll tell you that you need to upgrade or get a new PC if you don't meet the minimum requirements).  All the developers are saying is that if you meet or beat these requirements, you can get the game run.

    Please be aware that it IS possible to run games on hardware BELOW the minimum requirements, but your performance (& enjoyment of the game) will be less than desirable (sub-30 FPS, potential rendering lag & other not fun stuff).  One person online known as "The LowSpec Gamer" actually hacks & tweak games in order to get well known games to run on not-so-great hardware (stuff that would be considered a potato), so there's a community around that challenge... should you want to venture into it.

    RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS is the AVERAGE CONFIGURATION (in terms of system specs & game settings) that the developers have used to make the game run well (generally 60 fps) at what they would consider "default settings".  The game developers are practically guaranteeing that the game will run well "out of the box" (just installed, no options tweaking whatsoever.  Just download, install & run) with minimal issues as long as your computer meets or beats these requirements.

    If your system exceeds the recommended requirements, you're welcomed to start tweaking graphics settings to make the game more detailed or visually stunning than what developers have settled on for their defaults.  Please be aware that by increasing these settings, you are increasing the processing demands on your hardware (mostly on your graphics card, but it can affect your RAM & CPU usage as well).  Some games (like GTA V) will provide some tools to help you figure out where your system is sitting in terms of performance with the current settings so you can tweak them as you see fit (if you want higher framerates OR more visual details).

    PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL POSTED REQUIREMENTS (MINIMUM & RECOMMENDED) ARE NOT COMPLETELY ARBITRARY.  The developers only have finite resources to test their games on certain & specific ranges of hardware configurations that MOST PLAYERS are likely to have access to at the time the game officially hits the market.  They can't invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to test virtually every single possible configuration that anybody in the world might have for their PC.  For most games, the system requirements bar will slowly drop as PC gamers keep pushing for newer & better hardware while the game's requirements stay the same...  This is why games that were released 5-10 years ago can run on more budget systems because the system specs have risen compared to the requirements.

    For games that keep pushing out updates & new content (GTA Online, Fortnite, Sims 4, ect.)...  The system requirements bar will shift over time & the recommended requirements will likely increase in pace with the new content & newer hardware that's available.  The minimum requirements may increase as well, but at a much slower pace.

    The TL;DR here is that if you want a PC game to "Just Run" (no tweaking required), you'll make to make sure your PC hits the recommended requirements.

    If you want to ensure a PC will "Run at all" (sacrificing all graphics for performance), you'll need to hit the minimum requirements.

  • 2 months ago

    It's all arbitrary as to whatever the developer decides but it's probably fair to assume that "recommended" requirements are usually for playing the game at higher settings at whatever frame rate the developer considers acceptable.

    But yes, there is no one definitive answer because there's no standard, and there's no standard because computer setups and hardware configurations can vary greatly.

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