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a asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicSinging · 2 months ago

How does facial structure impact singing voice?

Freddie Mercury had such a unique voice, but recently I've listened to Marc Martel who has a very similar quality to Freddie that I have never heard from anyone else. I noticed that they weirdly have similar facial features (nose, jaw, mouth, philtrum, etc.) and I'm wondering if that could be why they sound similar? Can the shape of your skull impact the way your voice sounds? 

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    Freddie Mercury didn't know whether getting his funny teeth repaired would change his voice, he didn't get them fixed just incase it did anything.

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    2 months ago

    Yes, but no.  But still yes.

    Everything from the midsection up can and does affect the way your voice sounds.  From the size of your lungs to the power produced by your diaphragm, to the thickness and flexibility of your vocal cords and thickness of your tongue, all the way to the size of your sinuses and nostrils.  All of that and more are factors in how your specific voice sounds when you use it.

    Freddie did have a very unique voice, and he knew how to use it.  Nobody else will ever have that exact voice, not even the guy you mentioned in your question.  Just like nobody will ever have the exact same voice as Janis Joplin, or James Brown, or Luciano Pavarotti, or Robert Halford, or you or me.  

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