What should I wear when I visit America?

What should I wear when I visit America during winter?  I’m going to spend a week or two in North Carolina, Statesville.  To visit my long distance boyfriend, as soon as travel is legal.  I heard it snows and gets really cold there in winter.  

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  • 1 week ago
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    You never know. There can be snow-- or it can be relatively warm. We just went through a polar vortex, where most of the southeast got snow and temperatures in the single digits (that's in Fahrenheit- it would be minus degrees in Celsius.) But we also have days when it's 12-20 degrees Celsius. Bring layers. Statesville is not in the mountains, but you might visit there, and that area gets more snow. 

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    If you are visiting eastern North Carolina the the weather is generally not very cold.  However, western North Carolina is mountainous and snow is likely in the mountains.  

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    No, it is quite warm

  • Pearl
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    just wear warm clothes

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