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'Slavery ended over 130 years ago:' Former NFL player Herschel Walker says Black Americans shouldn't get reparations.  Agree?

Black man Herschel Walker said during a US House hearing that Black Americans should not receive reparations.

"Reparations teach separation," Walker argued. "Slavery ended over 130 years ago."

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    I agree 100 percent.  There are no slaves or slave owners today. By demanding that African Americans are owed something because some endured slavery is doing nothing but breeding resentment from white people constantly having “ white privilege shoved down our throats. 

    How many black sport professionals, actors and actresses music success were born to drug addicted parents and gang members and oppression or had drug problems or gang members themselves? Quite a few

    How did they pull themselves out of it? The cards were stacked against them. They CHOSE too. Every black person has the exact same opportunity. More than low and middle income whites ( there are more than there are upper income whites  ) because colleges and employment has to offer a certain number of minorities scholarships and jobs because of race. It is easy to say there is such a thing as black privilege.

    There were a lot of European people who were slaves when they came to America especially Irish women, up to 3 generations were raped and beaten daily. My family was one. Was their suffering any less because they were white? 

    Slavery was horrible and one of the darkest periods in America but nothing can or ever will change that EVER. 

    Imagine before social media television even before newspapers were widely circulated your family  and your friends family told you that grass was pink the sky was purple and owned slave because that’s what their family told them and then as country progressed you found out they were wrong about everything that you were told and that owning human beings was wrong and immoral. All you could do was to free slaves and teach your children right.

    That is what happened with the majority of people. Those who continued were few and those who were kkk were few considering the population and were and are ignorant. Blacks need to give up reparations and racism and slavery and move on and be good role models for children. Teach them that opportunity is there . They just have to grab it

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    I agree.

    Any surviving Enslaved African should be compensated.

    Otherwise, nah.

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    True Only the salves should get paid for their suffering Not their dependents who Now chose to Remain in the USA

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    I disagree cause I want reparations.  

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  • Herschel Walker is a black man, has lived the black experience in the U.S. and has every right to his opinion, just like anybody else. Given that he is black and has achieved prominence and respect in his profession, he should at minimum be listened to. I don’t know that reparations promote separation, but I fully agree it’s far too late to consider them now. 

    Blacks deserve equality and haven’t fully received it, but that a completely different cans of worms. Most people haven’t considered the enormous effort that would be required to administer the process of equitably distributing reparations. The focus is always on the money, but much more is involved. 

    First, not every Black is descended from slaves. Sorting that out, even where records are available, is a monumental task and would cost a monumental amount of money. Is that expense to be covered with reparation funds … or future taxes … which, incidentally, Black wages will pay for too, including Blacks not descended from slaves. 

    Consider too, that if a plan is formulated, it won’t make everyone happy which will create more problems and delays possibly lasting decades. I don’t think even Black America will accept the inevitable confusion that will result and a lot of the disagreement will pit Blacks against other Blacks in addition to the racial separation Mr. Walker referenced. We certainly don’t need more of that. I just think reparations is a lose/lose proposition which will create far more problems than it solves.

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    thinks the redskins got nil and deserve recognition and compensation  , but blacks for get it .they have abolished slavery 130 years ago but the blacks still whinge about it .. get a life .

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    Hershel Walker is a stooge for the GOP. He's a Trump boot licking lackey

    Here's the argument.

    The Industrial Era ended in 1970. Just when blacks got full rights, society was no longer labor intensive. Blacks had just moved to the Industrial Midwest. Just when blacks had inherited places like Detroit and Cleveland, the Industrial Era died. No more high paying unskilled union jobs. And so blacks are like a permanent underclass. But this is the result of slavery.

    During the agricultural era, blacks were slaves and couldn't acquire wealth or education. But slavery made America great. The biggest beneficiary of slavery was NYC bankers. They loan everyone money, all over this Atlantic market place. French and British clothiers, southern planters, New England shipping merchants. This is why you have Wall Street. But from the profits of slavery, the Railroads and the Industrial revolution.

    What would be a fair price to put on reparations? Trillions? How would you realistically calculate what a fair amount would be? Black people are a permanent underclass is a direct remnant of slavery, how could you ever make that good?

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    I'm 190 years old. I hope Republicans don't believe my birth certificate that says otherwise. Treat my birth certificate like Obamas.

  • I do agree. There are no former slaves and no former slave owners alive today. And a very small percentage of families were slave owners.

    Truthseeker, I can't find a slave owner in my family tree. So have the Federal government create a fund that people like you can contribute to, to pay reparations. But then again I heard a Democrat congressman who said he created an account that citizens could pay extra taxes into. But no one did. LMAO. People like you when given the option, don't.

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    All democrats are racist, they honestly believe black people are so inferior to white people that they need to pay them money to equalize things.

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