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pc doesn't work after cleaning it?

so my friends pc doesn't work after he cleaned it, the power works and still powers up but nothing on screen he did get an error code 07, which came up as ram issues but we switched out his ram for my ram and still nothing, he seems to think its an issue with his graphics card which is a gtx 1050ti. any clues as to what could of happened to his pc and how he can fix it?

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  • 2 months ago
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    hmmmm, this seems to happen a lot. People go and clean their PC but then it doesn't work afterward. I'd say for him to check and clean all connections. He might want to also reseat his CPU cooler. If he has Integrated Graphics then he can remove the card and try booting with the PC hooked up to the iGPU ports at the back of the PC.

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    2 months ago

    Graphics cards *are* one of the most frequent causes of failure.

    Try swapping out his graphics card with another

    one that you know is working

    and see what happens.

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