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Can someone further explain how earthquake waves provide information about the interior of the earth?

 Like give a short example, video link and etc. I saw an answer on google but i still kinda don't get it. Please help me with this one. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    This is an over-simplification but: Say you have a small pool with seismometers on the edge and a statue in the middle. Tap on the edge and you generate waves. When the waves hit the statue they're going to change their direction, etc. and register on the seismometers in ways that can be predicted if you know what's in the middle. When you don't know what's in the middle but have measurements you can use some fancy math to deduce what might be in there.

    Now do that with three different densities of rock. It changes how the math works but the theory is the same.

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