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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureMythology & Folklore · 2 months ago

Can you give me a source in occult books dealing with "the glove" or "the gauntlet" or the "veil" or "the barrier" cite book and page(s)?

These were all various names used for this construct. Not really planning on using any occult stuff or doing anything myself so don't worry. I kind of could not find any of the sources easily online. I searched a few times on various search engines (yahoo google dogpile). The words like "the gauntlet" or "the glove" or "the barrier" etc they relate to too many other unrelated things for me to find the specific source. 

I am curious what some other occultists said on this. I mainly just want to see that part btw not read through an entire book so it would be easier if you all could site the chapter and page too along with naming the book.

So if someone could name the books and pages cool. I know I could find it online somewhere in that case. 

I have to be curious what some other people thought about this. Me personally I remember when I was younger feeling there was something fake or weird about reality and some wavy like energy but it was nothing like the more recent perception me and others have had of this. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    You could try "Harry Potter and the Glove of Latex".J.Key Trowling

    Or "Fisted by Thanos. A study of Gauntlets in the post-modern Hollywood mythos"  by a.non.starter

    Or "Beyond the Barrier~ Breaking down fertility inhibitors for woke chix" by Fecundity Blart.

  • 2 months ago

    im not much of a book reader

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