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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationOther - Cars & Transportation · 2 months ago

Best ways to keep myself warm in my car overnight?

I'm moving from alaska to california. I can only ship 1 of my 2 cars so my wife and 2 kids will be flying and ill be driving through canada. My car isn't new by any means, it's beat up, but a mechanic shop i trust is confident i can get the car from alaska to california with a tune up. What im trying to think about is how i can remain warm, due to the drive being 44 hours so i will need to sleep once probably somewhere in northern canada and due to a lot of covid restrictions i believe itd be best to sleep in my car. Unless i wake up every 2 hours and start the car for an hour (which im not confident with doing unless i park next to a gas station). Is the best course of action just more bundles and a good blanket? I dont want to risk a gas heater, and oddly enough battery powered heaters seem to either be not invented, or hard to find, because all my searches for battery powered heaters refer to an electric heater that uses propane as a fuel.

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks for your time.


Just to let everyone know before my stupidity is brought up, I am investing into a satellite phone, I will have an emergency kit, and I've set up an exact time daily i will be contacting my family prior to worrying, after 4 hours they'll contact local authorities about my general locations due to the fast snow covered areas along the trip from anchorage through canada.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No you won't.  You are an international traveler because you are crossing borders SO COVID RULES APPLY TO YOU(both Canadian and U.S.(as when you cross the 49th parallel you are coming out of a foreign country into Washington STATE and they got their COVID RULES

    >You better phone FIRST to BOTH borders and find out how do you proceed.

    I have no idea how it is going to work for you (as you are isolated in your car and will only visit a gas pump "IMM" it should be easier (but hell, I have not picked the right lottery numbers am probably wrong)


    You can get an electric car warmer(120V AC heater) almost as powerful as a hair dryer.@ 600to1000 Watts at a Walmart or autoparts store...and a 100 ft extension cord used for lawn mowers is good enough...whatever is on sale.]  

    .   Personally I would not do it because it is winter.  Driving safely matters more than speed and even in the summer months you got to figure with an average of 40mph because many of the highways go through towns and lights and traffic not to mention snow plows which will slow the travel down. In the summer I had to worry about traffic and road construction instead.  Winter months, the dark comes sooner so animals cross the road and a moose will take out your car no problem.I did 500 a day in the SUMMER MONTHS driving from dawn to dusk or 14 hours. You do not want to drive any more than that by that time. On snow covered roads with curves you do not want to hit the DITCH anywhere.. Now you got to find a place where maybe you can plug in 120V ac.  Camping grounds are closed so a gas station maybe.? Or somewhere else with an outdoor outlet?  . You kind of got to pay attention in your area to see what you normally got.  I am thinking block heater plug ins are common in your area? That is 120V . In the summer, it is still COOL FRESH in the morning so U can manage w/o heat.  Motels are not about to let you have power without paying for it so you might as well rent a room. Fuuck the sleeping in the car..  Just don't push the car. Do the speed limit.  Why? CAR AIN'T NEW.  Mine died on the 3rd day of 500 mile jaunts and I was shifting into the red all the time. Car was 40 years a minimum of 400K on the clock.  I blew the "flucker" up and threw a rod.and a hole in the block.  >Unrepairable<.  I knew better, but I just rushed myself & drove it harder than I should have. I knew that too.  Oh well. Had to buy another vehicle. up in North country where everything costs more.

    . This was before Covid existed...and summer.

    I would never travel in the winter. Most people don't.

    Maybe leave the cars there till the summer with a trusted friend and fly down instead.?

    .Then you are more in tune with what is happening virus wise for traveling.? Go up with a driving buddy who takes the other wheels and you know the situation when you cross international borders... you get tested then 14 days in a hotel(you pay) then tested again and you have to be clear of the virus before you can travel in Canada.  

    . I don't know what Washington state has implemented for procedures there BUT YOU GOT TO DO THEM.

    . It is a strange time...full of the unknown.

    Maps are right with the distance but wrong on the speeds. Mine is actual driving experience to the Alaska/Y.T. border. (and having to buy another car in the process)

  • ?
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    To stay warm in a car overnight, you will need to wear warm clothing such as jumpers, gloves, or socks. Invest in warm bedding like wool blankets to lie on, and additional heat sources like a portable heater, candles, and disposable heating packets for your hands and feet.

  • 2 months ago

    How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight (5 Easy Ways)

    1.Park your car in a heated and insulated garage.

    2.Use an engine block heater.

    3.Use an oil pan heater.

    4.Place an electric blanket over the engine.

    5.Replace the engine oil dipstick with a dipstick heater.

  • F
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Google maps says Anchorage to SF is 3300 miles and takes 2 days 8hrs . That works out at nearly 60 mph for 24 hrs a day, clearly not possible on you own. So youre looking at a minimum 5 day, 4 overnighters in seriously sub zero temperatures.

    In reality you’re going to get slowed down further by bad weather or roads and traffic etc. 

    You’re risking you life for an old car that is probably going to consume more in gas than it’s worth. Madness . Sell or give it away and fly there. 

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  • 2 months ago

    DO NOT put any type of heater in your car.

    Buy a good down filled sleeping bag and you will be fine.

    To keep warm DO NOT start up the car and let it idle. That just wastes fuel. Drive it instead for 1/2 hour or so and then pull over and sleep for another couple hours.

    Your engine won't warm properly if it's only idled in cold weather. Driving under load will warm it to operating temperature.

  • 2 months ago

    Before you set out, make sure your folks can track you  by the "find my  phone" app, or something like that.

    Since you live in Anchorage, you know what and how to deal with being cold. There are no electric heaters that can keep you warm all night unless you have 3 or four car batteries you can recharge every day. The car will get totally cold in 15 minutes without running a heater. The guy who suggested selling the car, I agree with him. You'll have to drive about 6-7 days, full bore. You need food, water and toilets. You might be able to do it, but the cost will be high and not just fuel. 

    An arctic sleeping bag and a propane heater might make it feasible and the propane is going to be a hazard, an expense, and not to mention buying the heater- A Mr Heater "Buddy" will cost you about $100 and $4-$5 per pound of propane in the small tanks, or $20 in the 5 gallon tank and will use about a pound of gas every 8 hours. There is no refilling the small tanks and refilling 20 pound propane tanks- well good luck finding as many stations as you need, plus carrying those inside a car is illegal and hazardous. Leaked propane can suffocate you if that happens, and is hard to get out of the car since it's heavy and will sit in invisible puddles on the floor. Sell the car and fly.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why don't you sell your car? That's my first suggestion. If it is old and beat up as you say, it's not worth the expense or risk of driving it south. A satellite phone adds to that expense, and unnecessarily so, in my opinion. I've done that drive in winter numerous times. Until the weather warms up, it's not a good plan to avoid motels. You are not restricted from staying in them and getting a decent sleep is going to make you a safer driver. Cat napping in the cold is going to wear you down quickly.

     Besides that. in the Yukon wilderness, if a vehicle is stopped in a random place along the road in the winter, passing vehicles are required to stop and check to see if there are any occupants and if they are OK.  Any sleep you try to get may be disturbed. Given the liklihood you might have to stop and rest in sub-zero temperatures, you'd be wise to do that only at places where you can get immediate help if your car wont start. 

    Repeating myself once more, either plan on staying in motels or just sell the damned car. Since you're by yourself and you have no experience doing it, you shouldn't subject your family to the worry it's going to cause. Is that fair to them?  Obviously, basic intelligence isn't your strong point. 

  • Anton
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    If you are worried, you can get a sleeping bag to keep warm at -30 degrees.

  • 2 months ago

    Your stupidity screams more and more, with each word you write:

    Anchorage, AL to Hilt, CA is 51 hours with no stopping or traffic slow down = no stopping as in no potty break, no filling up your gas tank, no nothing.

    Most people are not stopping in Hilt at the very least they go to Redding, Sacramento/San Fran (56-ish hours) or SoCal (at least 62 hours).

    But even at 44 hours, you are not going to be about to do this with 1 overnight... because the 44 hours is really going to be 50 hours with stops and border crossing. You need to plan for at least 3 nights and 4 days to do this trip.

    = otherwise, you are risking your own safety but more so the other drivers on the road.

    But hey, you don't really care about other people's safety... instead of wearing a mask and dealing with CA covid restrictions, you would rather sleep in your car and have first responders come save the day....

    "after 4 hours they'll contact local authorities about my general locations due to the fast snow covered areas along the trip from anchorage through canada."

    "is confident i can get the car from alaska to california with a tune up."

    If they said this = FIND A NEW REPAIR SHOP.

    - they can say that they don't know of anything that will hinder your ability to get there buy they can't predict everything. 

    - I drove over a piece of metal on the 405 freeway in LA and by the time I could get to an offramp my rim was no longer round...

  • Ron
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Your car won't pass California emissions, so just sell it

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