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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsAlternativeParanormal Phenomena · 2 months ago

Was my mind just playing tricks on me?

so 2 nights ago i was watching this game show called the Hustler hosted by Craig Ferguson, it consists of 5 contestants n one of the players is secretly thr Hustler and they have to answer questions and figure out who among them is the Hustler to get the money, if they got it wrongthe Hustler wins the money.So one of the contenstants I felt based on the clues was the black guy with the suit, but then a voice in my said no its the girl in the purple hair...I as im watching the show I asked who? and he said Sarah is thr hustler and i asked my mind are you sure? and it said "I know its her".n I didnt even remember the womans name until my mind said it. And that was the last person i thougnt would be...Later on during the game the black guy was eliminated n was not the hustler and the two other guys were pointing out Sarah, n sarah was defending her self that she was not the hustler. But in the end thry were right and Sarah was the hustler and the two guys won. And i was like wtf? the voice in my head was right all along.

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  • 2 months ago
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    There is more chance that your clever subconscious mind picked up several clues that your conscious mind missed then passed them on to you than of this being something of a paranormal nature as you say this like it never happened before. Here is a little demonstration you can try on people. Write on a piece of paper a well-known phrase or saying 

    Paris in the the spring  Write it as it is written here. Ask someone to pick it up, turn it over and read it out loud, then put the paper face down. Ask them to do it again and then again each time, reading it out loud. They will read it wrongly and tell you it says Paris in the spring instead of (if you noticed) Paris in THE THE spring. But if you ask them how many words, they will usually say 5 the correct number but will still read Paris in the spring which is only four words. This is because your subconscious sees THE then sees the second THE and so it cancels the second one to make sense. But it does not forget that there are five words. That is how the person will tell you they are reading 5 words even though they are saying a 4-word sentence. That is just a little demonstration of how your subconscious works so have some fun with it. Let me know how you got on. Sorry, the positioning changed when I pressed enter. Just put on the first line Paris in the, then underneath that, put the spring so you have the word THE twice in the sentence.

  • 2 months ago

    There nothing paranormal about this. You have good intuition and you guessed right. But I bet you don't guess the right person every time you watch that show. 

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