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I'm struggling to create more crossover art, so which idea should I make first?

I decided to repost this question without the image attached, since the last one was deleted with NO warning! Anyway, here is my original question.

I've been struggling to make more artwork since about late last month, which is why I couldn't create ANY art for Valentine's Day (well, maybe next year)!

Here are the following ideas I conceived, in no particular order (and yes, they ALL involve Samurai Jack!):

- Cyber Cupid

- SheJack (SheZow)

- Jack Kazama (Jin Kazama from Tekken)

- Jack Lunis (Lance Lunis from Sym-Bionic Titan)

- Sailor Jack (Sailor Moon)

- Jack-Gi-Oh (Yu-Gi-Oh)

- Jacky Phantom (Danny Phantom)

- more Jacky Shirogane (Takashi Shirogane/"Shiro" from Voltron Legendary Defender)

- Samurai Star Sapphire, aka violet lantern Jack (Carol Ferris from Green Lantern)

[NOTE: The image has been removed since it may have caused my last question to be deleted.]

Anyway... which of these concepts should I create first? Feel free to give pros, cons, and/or any questions you may have about each idea; but PLEASE make sure to read through the entire description!

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Again with the unnecessary spaces in between everything!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Do all of them as thumbnail/rough sketches.

    Pick the best three.

    Work them up to slightly more finished.

    Pick the best one.


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