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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureHolidaysRamadan · 2 months ago

How do I get over this?

When I was in college I think people hated or disliked me for being Muslim, non white and wearing a scarf. I was polite and respectful. It was an all white class except me. Everyone would talk to each other and I was that person that got left out except for one person who'd speak to me but she wasn't a friend. The teachers would always be all friendly and chatty with the other students even the quieter ones but with me it was VERY formal. Not that I needed them to be like a mate but it's the fact that they treated me differently to the other students and like I don't belong.

Sometimes the teachers would randomly bring up political stuff happening in the middle east like 'The adverts on tv are now supporting Syria' and stuff like that. I never even brought up Syria, it wasn't really related to the classwork either and I never spoke to this teacher about my religion or political views. I knew it's a controversial topic but she just had to bring it up in that way. She didn't say it in a supportive way, her tone of voice sounded sort of negative like she's trying to make me feel guilty or like she assumes that I'm hating on the west or something. I don't hate the west, I was born here.Another thing is, I'm not full white but I am half white (and have as some would say 'white skin' with a bit of warmth to it) yet it's not obvious especially because I wear the headscarf. These people think that I'm sooo different to them in every way possible but it's not true. 


@Derra, pointing out racist attitude does not make me a racist. Get a grip. Some of them would tell me I'm very different to my face. Make fun of my south asian background. I knew they were racist.

Update 2:

'A  Muslim by definition means someone who thinks that the supreme moral example to all mankind, is a man...' No it does not. A Muslim by definition means "one who submits to God". By the way, the are different types of Muslims. Sunnis, Shias, Ahmaddiyah etc. I happen to be a Quranist so I personally do not believe in hadith only the Qur'an. The Qur'an does not mention any of those negative traits of Muhammed you mentioned. It also states to make no distinction between the messengers. So don't..

Update 3:

assume you know my personal religious beliefs because I'm an individual and not every muslims will have the same exact religious beliefs as we are all individuals. Stop please realise that you're bigoted, generalised assumptions mean nothing.

Update 4:


Update 5:

'And you deliberately mark yourself out as different from them on ground of religion, and then wonder why people might look askance at you.' Read the bible, there are a lot of controversial and problematic verses in there yet everyone including me accepts christians and is not judging them on it. I'm betting you accept christians though. Why do you accept christians yet you can't tolerate other people because they're from a different religion? Talk about the PREJUDICE here. 

Update 6:

@Derra, I mentioned incidents where the teachers had preconceived ideas about me when assuming i was interested in talking about Syria. That is another example of prejudice. You do not need to try and GASLIGHT me by pretending I'm the one who's racist because I've mentioned that i was in a class and was the only non white person. I mentioned this because it's easy for people to be racist when one person is of a different race.

Update 7:

People like you like the victim blame marginalised people like me. You call me a racist because i suffered racism?

Update 8:

Also, notice I never said everyone in the class was racist. I said they avoided me. I didn't even say they all avoided me because of my race. I was painting a picture of my situation. Then I mentioned how I was treated differently, again further painting a picture and finally I mentioned the prejudice based on race and religion.

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  • 2 months ago
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    There are people like that in some states more than others. The former idiot who got the boot by President Biden fueled that sort of religious intolerance.   You have nothing to get over, they do. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Firstly, you don't know what other people think. 

    Secondly, try to be less self-concerned.

    Thirdly, your racialism is repugnant. You don't like other people doing it to you; don't do it to others. 

    Fourthly, have some consideration for the common humanity of others. 

    And finally, a Muslim by definition means someone who thinks that the supreme moral example to all mankind, is a man who preached and/or practised lying and deception in the name of religion, armed robbery, extortion, torture, slavery, rape, mass murder and sex with a little child. 

    And you deliberately mark yourself out as different from them on ground of religion, and then wonder why people might look askance at you. 

    You've got a brain. Use it! Why do you THINK other people are going to have reservations about you? 

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