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What are the chances of me getting pregnant ?

I am 35 years old , I'll be 36 in September. My husband and I want to have a baby but he can not ejaculate fully and my periods are also irregular.  Does insurance typically cover this? . Meaning, the retrieval of egg and sperm...  I forgot the correct name of abstracting sperm from the testes....  I am in New York State. Im truly feeling at my wits end, This process has been very difficult and heart wrenching,  so If you're intending to comment like a ten year old, move on. 

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  • n2mama
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    2 months ago
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    What kind of insurance do you have? New York improved the infertility coverage requirements for large group insurers last year, there may be some  help for you there depending on what your insurance is. Keep in mind too that “coverage” doesn’t mean free fertility treatments, you still would have to meet deductible and out of pocket  totals based on your insurance plan. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What is covered depends on YOUR insurance.  There are MANY different insurance policies and you would need to contact your provider to find out what fertility assistance options are covered and at what percentage they are covered.

    Some providers (insurance providers) also require that you try certain other types of fertility treatments for a certain amount of time before resorting to what you are describing.Just being in New York State really doesn't tell us anything about what insurance you have.  And, even if we knew the name of your insurance company - even within one company, there can be MANY options and many variables to what is covered on YOUR policy.

    Now, as for his issue - what treatments has he tried for that or what options have been given to treat that?  Have you even checked on options for treating that issue.

    For your irregular periods - how irregular are they?  Just because you can't accurately predict ovulation does not mean that you can't get pregnant.  Get his problem fixed and then have sex once every three days any time you are not on a period.  You will hit your ovulation point if you do that because sperm can live inside you for up to five days and wait for your egg.  Even if his problem does not get fixed - you can still try that.  It only takes ONE SPERM making it to the egg to cause pregnancy.  

    BTW - fertility treatments are not typically covered.  It was just last year when the insurance provider at my company added fertility coverage to our policy.  We had no fertility coverage at all until last year.

    Good luck.  Hope you can find the help you need.  

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