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Scobri asked in HealthOptical · 2 months ago

What's it like wearing multi-focal contact lenses? Why didn't doctor give me an accurate prescription?  Do I need multi-focals?

I got a prescription from an optometrist that literally doesn't do anything to correct the vision in my right eye. It's incredibly blurry, even after going for 3-4 follow-ups.  It was for contact lens fitting, but I've had TWO pairs of eyeglasses made from the prescription she wrote, and both are blurry in the right eye.  She  mentioned at the start that I was "borderline" needing multi-focal contacts. So I'm wondering f that is in fact what I need and she just didn't say s even after me going back FOUR times only to end up with blurry vision in the right eye still.

My question is, are multi-focal annoying? I mean if one part of the lens corrects vision for distance, another for intermediate, another for close-up, do you see all those at the same time when you're not looking at anything in particular? I just want clear vision when I walk down the street, ride my bike, or drive! 

The prescrip she wrote is blurry in close-up AND distance, but is ok for intermediate, only, but not farther than 16-18".

Below is what she gave me. The left eye is fine, perfect. It's the right eye that's still blurry:

OD sphere -2.75, cyl -2.00, axis 107

OS sphere -3.25, cyl -1.25, axis 081

There's an ADD power of +1.25 for each, but I assume that's only for reading lasses?  Main thing I want is clear distance vision, but I cant even get that with this incompetent doctor.

Do I even need multi-focals? Is that why I still can't see clearly in the right eye?


@Anonymous, that's exactly what I'd intended to do, wear regular contacts, then put on readers to read. During the exam I was able to read the chart on the wall clearly with both eyes, but not with contacts later on. I thought the lens must've been slipping on my right eye and assumed that was why I couldn't get clear vision, but then I had glasses made and it was the same thing. So I don't understand why I could read the chart fine but then got blurry vision later on even with glasses.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I wear toric contacts and use readers if needed but I like my progressive bifocal glasses a lot better as I am about to give up contacts after 30 plus years! I never had multi focal contacts because of my astigmatism and I know of others that tried them and didn't like them. When I am outside I like my contacts better but when I am inside I prefer wearing glasses. I might keep getting contacts only because of having to wear a mask when you go places, but it is easier to wear glasses and not have to worry about carrying reading glasses around. I see a lot better with my glasses and cant really afford to get both so I will likely ditch the contacts for good! 

  • 2 months ago

    @David E, "no matter how advanced the design of the lenses he uses, wearing contacts and having your eyes function like they did twenty years ago is not on the table." – Is there any reason why I was unable to get clear distance vision in one eye with contacts? These were not multi-focal, they were regular, normal contact lenses. I must've gone through 4-5 different ones. With each follow-up visit, I'd complain that the vision was blurry, for distance.  So they'd tweak it for my right eye, adding a little bit of power, giving me a different brand, etc. Nothing and I mean NOTHING worked.  Why could that be??  The left eye was fine, it was only the right eye. 

    I figured the lens must just be slipping on my eye, but then I had glasses made with the prescription, and it was the same thing. Blurry vision in the right eye. So I'm trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

  • 2 months ago

    When people who wear bifocals want to wear contacts, there are three options: 1. Best distance correction plus readers. 2. Monovision where one eye sees clearly at distance and the other sees clearly at near. 3. Multifocal contacts. 

    While these are often presented as three options, the best solution may involve elements of all three. Since you asked about multifocal contacts, I'll go into more detail about them. With multifocal glasses, you look through different parts to see distance and near. Since a soft contact moves with your eye, this does not work with contacts. All multifocal soft contacts involve looking through the distance and near portion at the same time. As might be expected, this often results in some compromise to clear distance vision. So in answer to your question, wearing multifocal contacts is like dealing with some level of blur and hoping that you get used to it. Some people hardly notice this blur from day 1. For some, it's so bad that they can't carry on normal life seeing so poorly. As I mentioned at the beginning, sometimes elements of more than one strategy will be in play for a patient. For example Biofinity multifocals come in a D design with distance optics in the middle for relatively good distance vision and N with near optics in the center for relatively good near vision. Most of the time, a D will be fit in the dominant eye and an N in the non-dominant.

    No matter how good your doctor is and no matter how advanced the design of the lenses he uses, wearing contacts and having your eyes function like they did twenty years ago is not on the table.

    Let me clarify that last statement. If nothing is wrong with your eyes, you should still be able to have clear distance vision with contacts most of the time. It is likely that your eyes are drier and it is possible that your contacts have moved outside of a range that is readily available. The above statement referred to the idea of having clear distance vision and near vision on both eyes without wearing glasses. That is probably not going to happen.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    First off I think you should try a different doctor.  You don't have a very strong prescription for one thing, and she should have got the glasses correct. If you have any blurry vision from those glasses, then the doctor didn't prescribe correctly.  As for the multi-focal contacts, you don't need them.  You want good distance vision, and you should just get contacts with the RX for that, and simply wear reading glasses over the contacts when you need them.  Trust me, it's a lot easier than the multi-focal contacts. My eye prescription is very close to yours, and I've tried the multi-focus contacts. There was no way I could wear them on a daily basis. You do have to look down in order to read, of course, and then you look straight ahead when you're walking.  But overall it's very hard to get used to, and I don't think many people wear them.  I basically either wear contacts or glasses, depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing.  I have two pair of glasses; one for distance, and the other for reading while wearing contacts.  See what a new doctor recommends because you shouldn't have to have gone back four times.

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  • y
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Progressive lens/multi-focals eye glasses, didn't know they could be contacts, suck. You look through them differently then single corrective lens. The different parts of the lens are for the different spaces you are looking at. Like bifocals, only more.  They take a lot of getting used to and onerously cut down on peripheral vision, limits what you can see clearly at any one time.  Like a scrabble or game board. I can no longer see the entire thing in one glance, I have to turn my head(not eyes) to see through the correct part of the lens, to see each part of the board. Yes, it is a pain in the ***, it sucks, I keep getting told I will get used to it, after five years, it isn't any better.  The worst piece is, I'm scared to use my saws now, I can no longer keep focus on the blades becouse of the shifting and diffident angles one has to be in. I barely used my ban saw anymore, scares the crap out of me. At least the table saw I have an idea of everything becouse it is all set. But a ban saw is closer to the blade, more detailed type of work usually, now you see it, now you don't with that blade, is scary.

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