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MMA VS. Kung Fu?

If we had a time machine, went back to the time when real Kung Fu was at it's peak, then we would know. The temples were raided by military, and most monks fled to various parts of Asia.. There were also other deadly schools of Kung fu.. Lot's was lost and no you don't use those deadly styles in a sport like modern MMA. Those guy's were deadly weapons with a thousands of years of martial arts history. Copying deadly animals, and training all day long to turn the body into a real complete weapon. Rare but only a few people train some of the real stuff today.. Most can't even handle the training with the mental and physical exhaustion that is required.. Modern day people are arrogant to think that our mixed martial arts could compare to thousands of years of tradition in fighting arts/techniques. Take the best today, no gloves, hand to hand with a true master of Kung Fu and forget it.. The true master would avoid the conflict knowing the true power he possesses. Perhaps the arrogance of the modern "MMA master" would instigate and push forward only to be ripped apart, broken bones, and possibly even death. A good fighter yes we have those today, but a true deadly master? Only a few can invest the many years of rare hard to find proper training that is required. Very few are out there.

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  • 2 months ago

    This isn't a question. 

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