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Movies Section: If you going to make a movie about chess, who would be your dream cast of the movie about chess?

Story: A Young American Chess player named Jackson "Jax" Rodgers (Tom Holland) who is an undefeated U.S. chess tournament to compete in the World Chess Tournament against an undefeated British chess grand champion named Gabriel Tarvington (Henry Cavill). Two undefeated chess players will walk away a champion. In Addition, there are 16 chess players from the around the world are competing in the tournament including a sole French female chess player (Emily VanCamp).

Main Cast:

Tom Holland as Jackson "Jax" Rodgers - A 18 year old chess player who is undefeated U.S. chess tournament to compete in the World Chess Tournament. 

Henry Cavill as Gabriel Tarvington - A undefeated veteran chess player from England who always won the World Chess Grand Champion. 

Brad Pitt as Lincoln "Link" Ambrose - Jax's mentor who taught everything about is like a game of chess and he also a former chess player that he loss at the World Chess Tournament. 

Forest Whitaker as Devin Rodgers and Angela Bassett as Terri Rodgers - Jax's adopted parents who need money to pay bills. Devin told stories to Jax's about being a chess master and Terri told true stories about that she and Devin adopted Jax but Jax never knew. 

Emily VanCamp as Annette Bouvier - A French chess player who's competing in the World Chess Tournament and Jax's friend and love interest. 

John Boyega as Zack Steadman - Jax's best friend who loves to play chess and he always supports him.


Here's the chess players from the World that participate the World Chess Tournament:

Annette Bouvier (France)

James Forrest (Australia)

Ráoul la de Vega Diego (Spain)

Yeong Jinwoon (South Korea)

Gabriel Tarvington (England)

Mickey MacFarland (Ireland)

Hiroyuki Taguchi (Japan)

Update 2:

Giancarlo Valentino (Italy)

Aleksei Smerdyakov (Russia)

Jürgen von Kruger (Germany)

Akeem Okafor (South Africa)

Antônio Montenegro (Brazil)

Wang Lo Pan (China)

Steven Andrews (Canada)

Jackson Rodgers (USA)

Nikos Simopoulos (Greece)

Update 3:

Robert Downey Jr. as Mr. Wesley Hutchinson - Jax's History Teacher who become his sponsor as he works his way up to playing against Gabriel Tarvington.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Story: Michael is a juvenile delinquent from Atlanta, Georgia. While serving in juvie, a guard (Bryan) shows him how to play chess in the prison library, and Michael becomes so good that when he gets out, he has dreams of being the national chess champion. On the way, his teacher (Mr. Crawford) and his aunt (Aunt Linda) become his sponsors as he works his way up to playing the current champion (Alexander).

    Michael: Chosen Jacobs

    Bryan: Jeff Bridges

    Mr. Crawford: Stephan Lang

    Aunt Linda: Viola Davis

    Alexander: Jason Bateman

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We will have Idris Elba competing against an evil gross meister played by Donald Trump.

  • 2 months ago

    I would want  Jean Reno,  Viggo Mortensen, and Tim Roth, for sure. 

    and Emilia Clarke.

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