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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 2 months ago

Can the 3000 RTX cards work with the TR 1950x without bottleneck?

I've been meaning to upgrade my GTX 1060 with RTX 3000 series.  I do some light games on my video editing build but it was not meant for heavy gaming.

My rig:

1950x cpu

64gb DDR4

2tb NVME for OS another 2tb NVME and another 4tb SSD Samsung

1000 watts Seasonic powersupply

GTX 1060

MSI TR motherboard

AIO Corsair cooler

B Quiet PC case

Windows 10 pro

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    2 months ago
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    Maybe, but that depends on the screen resolution and which card you have in mind. 

    Your Threadripper CPU has about the same single threaded performance as a 3rd to 4th generation Intel processor. You'd be fine at 4k where CPU power isn't much of a concern, but a lower resolution like 1080p might suffer with limited framerates. You'd still get over 60fps but the CPU might keep you from getting really high framerates. 

    From what I've seen, people have given up trying to give a Yes or No answer to bottlenecks. Sometimes the game's engine will bottleneck the card. Go look up some RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 benchmarks at 1080p. At 1080p, In some games the framerate the RTX 3080 gets isn't any higher than what the 3070 gets. 

    I got an RTX 3070 a couple weeks ago and I tried running it with a Core i5-6600k. The 6600k might have better single threaded performance compared to your Threadripper, but it can only address 4 threads. When I tried running gaming benchmarks and playing games with the RTX 3070 and Core i5-6600k, the CPU got bottlenecked. However, it bottlenecked because it's lack of threads. The CPU was almost always at 100% but the GPU was at 60% to 70%.

    I would also suggest asking this question at places like Reddit and/or maybe the PCPartpicker forums. You might run into someone who's already tried running a 1st Gen Threadripper with an RTX 30 series card. 

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    2 months ago

    i don't think you understand what "bottleneck" means. it's not a BAD thing, in and of itself. it is the way to identify what part should be upgraded next. there will ALWAYS be a bottleneck somewhere on your PC, it is just a matter of how big a bottleneck it is.

    the RTX 3060 is not much more powerful than what you have now, and unless you are playing games utilizing ray tracing (or are doing some ray tracing yourself), getting an RTX would be unlikely to improve anything for you (other than cult symbol status, perhaps).

    what model is your motherboard? i'm wondering if it would support a newer threadripper or not...

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    search for bottlenecking website and input your specs.  [DxDiag run from command prompt will get them]  odds are it won't work well at all ...

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