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Can anyone explain to me what a bank computer is?

My aunt and my step grandma both had a computer in their house when I was growing up.

This computer was unlike ones today, it had a black screen green text, and the monitor was of a beige color. The keyboard was really big and had thick keys and the wires coming from the keyboard to the computer look like phone cords, they were curly and thick.

There was a dot matrix printer next to the monitor. There was a 56k modem that was really huge, it was beige took up most of the desk. 

both my step grandma and my aunt said 'That is a bank computer, don't touch it!' 

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    2 months ago
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    There's no such thing as a "bank computer" in the literal sense.  It was probably an old computer configured to remotely log into a bank's system via modem. 

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    2 months ago

    i think they meant that it WAS a bank computer.

    it was likely made in the early 80's/late 70's.

    computers did not used to have graphical interfaces, touch screens, or even a mouse!

    it was all text and keyboards. and monochrome (single color) monitors. no high speed internet. in fact, 56k was high speed to them!

    no online gaming at all. single-player local if anything. and 64k was "a lot of RAM". just ask Bill Gates...

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