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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 2 months ago

Was WWII a planned & orchestrated war by the rich people of the world? (why they let Japan & Nazi Germany build a massive army for war?)?


I mean it doesnt make sense that they would not only let them build massive armies, but do so while threatening war too? and then they defeated them and rebuilt them how they wanted?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Note your thumbs down won't hide the Truth i WILL continue to tell it warts and all 

    the Chase Bank remained open in Paris until July 1944 collecting Profits in Gold

    No Just the Rich of the USA they Funded Hitler from 1924 to 1945 because they were Fighting Communists

    Yes even the British Loaned Hitler money until 1939 and they stopped but the Americans never did

    Hitler was funded By the Rockefeller's in the Belief Hitler would Go to war with the Communists he took the Money and Honoured the Agreementthe USA never did anything to stop him whilst the UK was Trying AppeasementHitler took all this as approval and of he wentAmerica with the collusion of the vice-chairman of the U.S. War Production Board in partnership with Göring's cousin in Philadelphia when American forces were desperately short of everything and such arrangements were known about in Washington and either sanctioned or deliberately ignored?For the government did sanction dubious transactions—both before and after Pearl Harbor. A presidential edict, issued six days after December 7, 1941, actually set up the legislation whereby licensing arrangements for trading with the enemy could officially be granted.Often during the years after Pearl Harbor the government permitted such trading. For example, ITT was allowed to continue its relations with the Axis and Japan until 1945, even though that conglomerate was regarded as an official instrument of United States Intelligence.No attempt was made to prevent Ford from retaining its interests for the Germans in Occupied France, nor were the Chase Bank or the Morgan Bank expressly forbidden to keep open their branches in Occupied Paris. It is indicated that the Reichsbank and Nazi Ministry of Economics made promises to certain U.S. corporate leaders that their properties would not be injured after the Führer was victorious.Thus, the bosses of the multinationals as we know them today had a six-spot on every side of the dice cube. Whichever side won the war, the powers that really ran nations would not be adversely affected.And it is important to consider the size of American investments in Nazi Germany at the time of Pearl Harbor. These amounted to an estimated total of $475 million.

    Standard Oil of New Jersey had $120 million invested there and sold oil and Fuel up to 1945 to the Nazis ;

    General Motors had $35 million;

    ITT had $30 million; and

    Ford had $17.5 million.

    Though it would have been more patriotic to have allowed Nazi Germany to confiscate these companies for the duration—to nationalize them or to absorb them into Hermann Göring's industrial empire—it was clearly more practical to insure them protection from seizure by allowing them to remain in special holding companies, the money accumulating until war's end. It is interesting that whereas there is no evidence of any serious attempt by Roosevelt to impeach the guilty in the United States,reason FDR was afraid of Upsetting Corporate USA whose Cooperation was desperately needed to win the War in the Pacific

    By 1933 the USA had Loans of 1 Billion US dollars allocated to the Nazis

    FDR Owned warm Springs Investments which he used to lend hitler money

  • 2 months ago

    After ww1 germany was forbidden to have a big military, not sure why the world let them build it up any way

  • Aspen
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    Japan already had a massive military. The war in Asia was originally a war between Japan and China. It wasn’t seen as a threat to the Western world, particularly when they were really distracted by Germany. It wasn’t until the US threatened to cut off raw material trade to Japan (as a US protest of Japan’s China war) that Japan was faced with the decision to either withdraw from the war (as they didn’t have the resources to continue it without materials coming from the US) or they needed to invade SE Asian nations to obtain those resources elsewhere. But they knew by invading SE Asia, the US was likely to get involved so they had to come up with a way to neutralize the US as a threat: hence Pearl Harbor. And don’t forget racism. The western powers NEVER thought that a non Western power could ever build a military half as good as a western power. They just weren’t seen as a serious threat. And the world got a rude awakening. 

    At first Germany was sneaky about their build up. They sent engineers to Russia to work on tank development. They started youth flying clubs to train pilots. Airlines were producing airplanes that helped with the design of bombers and racing planes that would lead to fighters. They started shooting clubs to train future soldiers. Youth groups trained to soldier. Afterwards they flaunted the restrictions. The feeling of most nations was a cross between viewing the Versailles treaty as overly harsh and this was just Germany rightfully reasserting itself or that they just desperately wanted to avoid another war. Remember Europe was traumatized after WW1, especially France. Everyone was trying to do what they could to avoid another war at all costs, and Germany took advantage of that. Every time Hitler made a move in Europe prior to Poland, they rationalized it away and remained hopeful that it wouldn’t lead to anything else. Oh, and the Germans helped Franco in Spain by sending forces there which gave them great experience at conducting military actions like a rehearsal to WW2. 

  • 2 months ago

    japan knew they would loose because the where no carriers anchored , lucky the carriers were at sea ..thats why the japs didnt send a second wave incase the carriers found them .it turned out america was lucky .

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  • 2 months ago

    FDR wanted to stay out of it.  Japan had no other strong enemy.  The Europeans were kind of like liberals today, oh we don't like war, if we are nice to Hitler, he will be nice to us. Lets not get all upset now. 

  • 2 months ago

    japan realized they would free in light of the fact that the where no transporters secured , fortunate the transporters were adrift ..that is the reason the japs didnt send a subsequent wave incase the transporters discovered them .it turned out america was fortunate .

  • 2 months ago

    Despite what hollywood movies and conspiracy theories say, wars hurt the world economy and that of the countries involved, which hurts rich people.  So no, it wasn't a conspiracy of rich people. 

    Both Germany and Japan built armies for similar reasons:  nationalism, expansion, and access to natural resources. Both countries also felt western countries are aggressively attacking them politically and economically.  For Germany, it was the UK and France that made them pay a heavy price in the Versaille treaty after WWI.  For Japan it was all western countries for slighting them after WWI (they fought on the side of Allied Powers) and restrictions to access to things like minerals, oil, and lumber from the west and the US.Germany built up an army against the terms of the treaty, but the UK and France had no stomach for another war to stop him (even though in the long run this would have prevented WWII). Additionally, the UK even signed a separate agreement that Germany "promised" they would not expand any more, thinking by appeasing Hitler, he would stay in line. Everyone wanted peace.  It was Hitler that expanded and took the first acts of war up to invading eastern Poland (while he gave the Soviets leave to take the western half). Japan was under not treaty or restrictions from building their military of which Tojo was the main architect.   Before the war was declared, Japan was using their army to occupy areas that gave them natural resources (like Manchuria), but wanted more, particularly some oil rich areas in New Guinea, which would have put them in direct confrontation with western countries.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The onset of WW2 was a result of a complicated timeline that started after WW1. History has recorded a satisfactory sequence of events that makes sense to me. Opinions that extend beyond this are motivated by people who are not satisfied. Some day, recorded history may agree ... and then again, maybe never. Conspiracy theories are fodder for the dissatisfied.

  • garry
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    japan knew they would loose because the where no carriers anchored  , lucky the carriers were at sea ..thats why the japs didnt send a second wave incase the carriers found  them .it turned out america was lucky .

  • 2 months ago

    Nobody 'let' anybody build a massive army. Think about it.  How do you stop someone from amassing an army that you don't want them to have?  You go to war to stop them. There is no other way.  It was not some conglomeration of bankers that wanted to start a war by 'allowing' or even 'encouraging' countries to build armies for the pretext of fighting them, but it WAS the leading suppliers of bankers, in the US and Europe, who, along with tens of millions of citizens, had already lived through one extremely costly war and were unwilling to start another one, unwilling to get involved in territories east of Hitler's Germany, and in China and other parts of Asia where Japan had been expanding its imperial aggressions.

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