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Why are Northern Kentucky, North Texas, and South Florida not considered part of the Southern United States?

These regions--and their respective largest cities/metro areas: Cincinnati, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Miami--are all not technically considered culturally Southern, even though they are all part of Southern (KY & FL) or Southwestern (TX) states.

Why is that so?

Update 2:

Oh wait, South Central. Never mind.

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    Cincinnati is in Ohio.  Ohio did not have slavery and it's where the underground railroad ended.

    The greater Cincy metro area now includes Northern Kentucky but didn't 150+ years ago...

    Dallas & Fort Worth are definitely Southern in feel.

    Texas is not part of the Southwest.

    Again, today South Florida has a different feel than 150 years ago.  Miami is much many immigrants who have shaped it and the Keys are a vacation mecca that didn't exist before the 1920s.

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    I wonder if A Hunch has ever been to DFW. It isn't Southern, indeed, it has more of a Great Plains feel. 

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    There are two different ways to look at this- geographically and culturally. Geographically, Texas is considered South Central, not South Eastern. Culturally, it's a combination of Southern culture and western rough-and-tumble cowboy culture. Florida is considered geographically Southeastern, but there's quite a bit of difference in the northern and southern parts culturally. Southern Florida has many retirees from the north, and many immigrants from Cuba, which make it quite different from northern Florida and the panhandle.

    Northern Kentucky is most definitely considered Southern, in every way. 

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    All parts of Texas are considered Southern 

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    Who says those places aren't part of the South? Are you under the mistaken impression that "the South" has rigidly defined borders? There's more than one definition of "the South." And there are many sub regions located within the South. Cincinnati is located in the state of Ohio which is GENERALLY considered to be part of the Midwest; however, it's right across the river from Kentucky. Who determines what "Southern culture" is anyway? Are people from Birmingham, AL "more" Southern than people from Kentucky just because their state is farther south? What makes one place more "Southern" than the next? Thicker, more stereotypical accent? A more typical artery-clogging diet? A higher percentage of double barrel given names? Go to the Fort Worth stockyards and tell me you're not in the South. Half of Florida was deserted swampland until the air conditioner was invented. And a sizable percentage of Florida residents migrated from the North. That's especially true from the Orlando area down to Miami. Pittsburgh is less than 30 minutes away from Ohio. Does Western Pennsylvania qualify as being Midwestern too or is is in the Northeast like Eastern PA? Pittsburgh has a Hell of a lot more in common with Youngstown than it does Philadelphia. Where does the South begin? There are plenty of people in southernmost New Jersey sporting Confederate flags on their pickup trucks. It's impossible to brand one state as being entirely and exclusively in one particular region. Where does the Southwest begin? At the TX-NM state line? Where does the Pacific Northwest end? The Washington-Idaho border? Montana? Locals are bound to have their own opinions and various government agencies will define statistical areas differently. That's the answer. 

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    As you put it: they are not considered culturally Southern.

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    🥴 Well thats news to me. 

    Both states are pro Trump.

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